**POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary - page 12

by hair303

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Hello all, I am curious to see what the current pay rate is across the country so we can better prepare ourselves and negotiate better salaries! Please try to keep this poll to any graduates after 2010. Thanks! 1) State 2)... Read More

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    Houston, TX
    New grad - first job

    $28/hr- days
    +$3.50/hr 3-11p
    +$4/hr 11-7a
    Not sure about weekends...I really need to ask!

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    $25.08 + $2 for nights and $3 weekend nights
    New Grad Dec 2013 85 applications later/ 3 years working as EMT on ambulance
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    Quote from kaydensmom01
    The average rent in my area is $500 for a single family home with a nice sized yard.

    1. OH
    2. 22.00/hr
    3. New grad
    4. SNF
    Where do you live in Ohio? I live in NE Ohio and $500/ month for a house seems pretty cheap.
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    Are most of you 2 year grads or 4 year?