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In light of the struggles that new grads are having securing a job, this petition may be of interest to many of you. has nothing to do with this petition. We are not endorsing it... Read More

  1. by   JZ_RN
    No hospital here hires new grad RNs, they all require 1 year acute care experience. Well how exactly do you get that? Magic?
  2. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    Many factors are involved.
    -Poor retention of new grads due to bullying, or culture shock
    -Not enough good quality preceptors
    -Ofcourse money
    -More new grads than jobs out there.

    I'm just so bless that I haven't been in a situation where I've been an unemployed nurse. I don't know what it is but I never had an issue with finding a job.
  3. by   Mulan
    Quote from JZ_RN
    You mean like seniority? What a bunch of entitled whiners. We all should work holidays on rotation. Just because someone is younger than you and has less years in the workforce doesn't mean they don't deserve a fair chance at a holiday. SOOOOO sorry I wasn't born sooner, jeez.

    Maybe you should ask for the new grads' help since healthcare is a mess and you're chronically understaffed. But God forbid you don't feed the old nurse versus new nurses monster.


    someone who was once a new grad and couldn't find a job and when she did, worked with "experienced" nurses who were lazy, mean, and totally unhelpful. Remember that we were all once new.
    Wow, you must have had to work a holiday!
  4. by   RN12PTL
    I am a new graduate nurse, but am against this petition. Asking the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free World to "help new graduate nurses gain the experience needed to get a nursing job" is absurd! Especially when this petition is poorly written and does not have practical solutions to the status quo of nursing jobs.

    "1. give tax breaks to experienced nurses who will take on a new grad as an apprentice."- I have talked to several RNs who would LOVE to have my classmates or myself working on their unit; however, it is not up to them. There has to be the funding in the hospital to open and create a position for a nurse. Therefore, giving tax breaks to RNs for having apprentices, is not realistic.

    "2. give hospitals more funding for externship programs." -Where do you want this funding to come from? Do you think when we are in such a huge deficit that even if the PRESIDENT wanted to, he would be able to throw more money at every hospital to hire every new graduate nurse? That is absurd. How many hospitals are there, and how many new graduates? Do you know what this would mean for the federal budget?

    "3. Setting up standardized hospital training programs (similar to CPR classes) in order to lessen the cost of hiring new grads in hospitals."-
    There are ALREADY TRAINING PROGRAMS - it's called nursing school!! CPR classes teach theory and simulations regarding CPR. This is what nursing school is. The reason hospitals are weary of hiring new graduate nurses is because we have book knowledge- but no REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. Having more classes, isn't going to help new graduates become more marketable to the hospitals.

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  5. by   JZ_RN
    Quote from Mulan
    Wow, you must have had to work a holiday!

    Try EVERY SINGLE holiday for 2 years, including the last ones that some of my family ever lived for, and I couldn't be there. I was even scheduled off on holidays then mandated when other nurses called off! But it's us young people and newer nurses who are lazy and entitled? Ugh.
  6. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I have sympathy for the new grads, I graduated right during the first wave of the recession. However, as long as there are experienced nurses able to work, the government is not going to use money to see the new grads get jobs that don't really need to be filled, even experienced nurses are having a hard time getting jobs. If anything, they should pass a bill that requires all nursing schools to stop falsely advertising a nursing shortage and give full disclosure: unless you are the cream of the crop, and even still then, there is a good chance you will graduate without a job and not have one for months to follow...our hospital only hired one or two new grads (one of which worked as an Aid with her RN license while keeping her foot in the door for a job) from the winter class. The larger hospital down the road that has the Versant New Grad program, which usually hires a bulk of the new grads in our area, didn't hire a single new grad; they even laid off several of their nurses and fired a few more the second they stepped out of the limits of what their union could protect them over.
  7. by   Orange Tree
    I notice this "petition" was created on December 31st. Maybe Bonnie had a few drinks before she wrote it.
  8. by   JZ_RN
    ^ More rudeness from older nurses to younger nurses. Most places do not have any new grad programs, or there's very little chance of getting into one.
  9. by   Nightingallow
    So if our training program schools are adequate, why aren't we given a chance? Why have costly orientation in the first place? Why is my taking care of my ill family members not considered real world experience? Why is volunteering in a hospital for a year not considered real experience? Why is it that my other bachelors means beans? If real world experience vs. book knowledge is essential, why push the BSN and have nurses that haven't prime a bag in two years? Perhaps you all have came across some really horrible, entitled new grads, but...

    The new grads I know, are willing to drive 2 hours each way for any 12 hour shift. Have excelled in other industries, and are aware of what working means. We have taken care of family members, children, parents alike. Some have endured serious conditions and disabilities so we had to learn by nursing ourselves. We are not all 20 years old. (Although they deserve a chance too!)

    Please do not assume eveyone is the same. I've always been an advocate of everyone having their own strengths. The new grad may be akward, slow, and nervous. But still cringes when a patient is screaming and wants to do eveything to make the patient comfortable. I was once told by a PT that changing feces spotted linens was not a priority for a cancer patient. It might not be the first priority, but my inexperienced brain believed that cleansiness for the immunocompromised patient is very important. I also believe our inexperience makes our beliefs closer to that of the patients. Again, thanks for all the feedback on the petition. If only we could use all this energy & knowledge to teach new grads the way things are.
  10. by   Nightingallow
    I've always made sure not to throw stones in glass houses.

    Nov 6, '11 by [COLOR=#003366]Orange Tree Nov 6, '11 by [COLOR=#003366]Orange Tree A member since Dec '08 - from 'Texas'. Posts: 667 Likes: 1,813

    I was offered a full time position a few days after I started looking. And I feel very fortunate to live in the area that I do (even though it's in Texas).
  11. by   Nightingallow
    Please write a better plan...maybe it will work?
  12. by   Orange Tree
    Quote from Nightingallow
    I've always made sure not to throw stones in glass houses.

    Nov 6, '11 by [COLOR=#003366]Orange Tree Nov 6, '11 by [COLOR=#003366]Orange Tree A member since Dec '08 - from 'Texas'. Posts: 667 Likes: 1,813

    I was offered a full time position a few days after I started looking. And I feel very fortunate to live in the area that I do (even though it's in Texas).
    I'm not sure how that relates? The petition ideas just don't make a lot of sense.
    The Texas hospital I worked at still hires new grads. I precepted one on my way out the door.
  13. by   hope3456
    The solution is easy enough. Nursing schools should stop admitting so many students. However, they are still under the impression there is a "shortage" and are lying to prospective students. Maybe we should be "petitioning" the nursing schools.