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I recently finished school in December and passed the NCLEX in January, and began my first job as an RN about 3 weeks ago. Even though I am a new nurse, I have worked in healthcare in one way or another for almost 20 years, and... Read More

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    Quote from K10RN*2012
    For years I called in scripts as an MA in an orthopedic surgeon practice and I've also done it as an RN. I speak directly with the pharmacist and get their name and they get mine. You aren't prescribing, you're essentially "dropping off" the RX for the patient. Of course, each state or facility may be different. We keep the written RX from the MD in the chart.

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    I work as an office assistant at a PCP's office and we call in rx's all the time. I'm in nursing school and recently quit from being a pharmacy tech for more than 6 years, so I'm comfortable with it. However, none of the other receptionists have any medical training. The nurses at our office wouldn't have time to call in the prescriptions, not with the current set-up anyway.
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    Quote from HippyDippyLPN
    I have worked clinic and LTC, while I have called in scripts in LTC, in the clinic the nurses/ma's called in RX's, the md's never did their own.
    I work in a clinic also and we call in rxs for the MDs. But like others have said its per facility policy/protocol.

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