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    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I am a nursing student who will be graduating in 2013 and I've been a CNA on a telemetry floor for over a year now. My professors are encouraging those who aren't working as a CNA to do so in order to "get a foot in the door" for after graduation. I'm just curious to hear from new grads whether or not they think that CNA experience helped them at all in the search for that first job. Thanks.

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    My CNA experience definitely helped me land a position as an RN. If you are already an employee, you shouldn't have problem getting the interview. If only I didn't have to move across country as soon as I graduated I would've landed right into med/surg.
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    My workplace recently promoted a longtime unit secretary who graduated from a local nursing program. She is now on orientation as a GN (graduate nurse) while she waits to take NCLEX.
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    Short of having your mother being the nurse recruiter or something, being a CNA or LPN first is the best possible way to land a job as a new grad RN.
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    I worked as a CNA, and while the facility I worked at had NO positions open in which they would take a GN (budget, staff mix, etc)- I applied at another facility and was called by HR the next day. During the interview she directly stated that she was interested in me because I had hospital experience and a BSN.

    Good luck!!
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    im a pca at a hospital, and about to graduate in about 23 days.. ok exactly 23 days. but ive already got 3 interviews at the hospital i work at for different units, while many of my classmates have none. having a job as an aide where you want to work as an RN is definitely a good idea.
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    I am not a new grad but YES working as a CNA undoubtedly gives you a leg up.
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    Great topic.
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    Thank you all for your comments and responses! I always thought it would help, but with hearing about how tight the job market is out there and how different CNA and nursing tasks and responsibilities can be, I've been curious
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    My CNA experience was at a nursing home, before I started nursing school. It didn't matter to the hospital jobs at all. In fact when anyone asks about my previous experience they make a point to say that it doesn't count.

    However, if you are a nursing assistant/tech/extern at a hospital - that's whole different story. Mostly because the unit you are on is likely to hire you if they like you. Also, corporations tend to look internally first (you!)

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