New grad terminated after 3 months of orientation.

  1. Hi, there, am new to thissite and new to nursing as well. I am a new grad who was terminated after 3months of orientation. I worked on trauma unit. They say I was not fast enough,don’t manage my time efficiently , don’t give good report( they want me to givereport on all my pt. without looking at my paper), SBAR communication etc. andas a result they feel as if I wasn’tcaring for the patients as a whole. Although I agree with what they say I feltif I was given more time I could have improved .But I guess time has run out onme. I was scheduled to be off orientation after two days but all of a suddenthey change their idea of extending my orientation to terminating me. They saythey “don’t feel extending my orientation by a week or two would not doanything since as I wasn’t able to prove to them that I am able to do this jobby myself within the three month I was there.” I disagree with this, I think myissue was something that can be improved with time but it is what it is.

    What should I do? I am so worried that perspective employers see my terminationas a red flag and don’t call me for interview. What should I say when they askwhy I was fired? I am planning to say it did not workout but it was a greatopportunity and I learned a lot.
    I applied to this job that a nurse I know guaranteed me I will get the positionbut they haven’t called me yet. I think it could be because I honestly put downon the application that I was terminated and checked yes on one of those boxes that say "Have you ever been discharged/asked to resign? Oh my god pleases help. Would it be illegal if I don’t mention this job on job application from now on since I onlyworked there for three month? I just don't want my career in nursing to stop beforeit starts just because my first job in nursing was not successful. Please help! and thank you in advance.
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  3. by   serenitylove14
    Try applying to a medsurg position. If they ask why you were let go from the last employer, just tell them and then tell them the reason you want to work on their unit is to improve upon these skills. Thats the only thing I can think of, but they will ask you why you left.
  4. by   Orange Tree
    I hate to see stories like this one I also think you should try med-surg. It makes sense that a trauma unit would be overwhelming for a new grad, so prospective employers shouldn't view things too harshly. I don't think I would leave this experience off of a resume, but I would be hesitant to choose "fired" as an option. It sounds more like you were on probation, and in the end, just not a good fit for the unit.

    Good luck with your future job search. This seems to happen to a lot of new grads. I had to put up quite a fight for myself to not get fired on my orientation. It felt horrible to be put in that position
  5. by   HouTx
    So sorry you have had such a difficult time starting your nursing career.

    As to your question about leaving this job off your applications... don't. If you have received a paycheck, this employer will show up whenever a prospective employer runs even a superficial background check on your SSN. This is that 'permanent record' our teachers warned us about.

    The best strategy is always the truth. You were not fired "for cause" - that would mean that you did something wrong / violated a policy or standard of care. This is more a case of the old-fashioned phrase "let go". You were not able to achieve the goals of their training program within the pre-determined time period. And that's the way you can explain it when you are asked. This does not make you a bad person or bad nurse. Actually, as an educator, I would say that poor outcomes from this type of program are just as much a bad reflection on the employer as the participant. It's certainly not one-sided.

    There's nothing you can do about the past unless you have a time machine. The best option is just to walk away gracefully without looking back while it just explodes behind you like in a John Woo movie! (great visual, huh?)

    It's perfectly OK to have a pity party, but don't let it last too long before you get back out there and give it another try. Years from now, you'll be the one providing advice to new grads and sharing this 'war story' with them.
  6. by   mclennan
    I am so sorry this happened to you. Tell the truth, you can phrase it just like HouTx says. Take a deep breath, re-group and start over, in a less stressful unit or even LTC. Take care. You'll be fine.
  7. by   ingoditrustRN1
    I am overwhelmed by the encouraging and kind words you guys give me!!I didn't expect anyone to leave comment truthfully, I was just venting. Thank you so much again... Now it'sbeen almost three weeks since I lost my first professional jobL . I think I was going through the grief stages in the last three weeks. I was mostly pretending as if everything was fine and trying to be happy in the first week and the week after that I was mostly depressed!! ..Anyways I have decided to move on now .so far no Hospital has called me. It's probably because I have beenchecking yes on the little box that says have you ever been discharged or forced to resign. I am praying soon or later at list one hospital will call me for interview,at list to find out why I checked that box yes. Oh also, the nursing position that I applied through a very well-known nurse at local hospital did not go through as well. I called them today to check my status and they say sorry but the position is filled (but I still see the position available on smh).this is hard but I am dedicated to pull myself out of this hard time WITH THE HELP OF GOD and see myself succeed again.
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  8. by   serenitylove14
    Is there not an area to explain why you were fired when you push the yes button?
  9. by   ingoditrustRN1
    Hi serenity,
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    no there is no place to explain .the only area they have for explanation is if the applicant check yes to the question have you been convicted of crime .in that case they have little area to explain the situation.Thank God that don’t apply tome.
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  11. by   Nurseadam
    Call the manager and ask her what is she going to say about you
    Call HR and see what they'll say when the other employer call
    Don't say you were terminated on the application, if you want, and everyone is going to ask you, tell them that you were let go and (reason) , be confident, short and tell them that you have something to prove, and just looking for a chance.