My First Job as an RN!

  1. Hey everyone!

    I haven't posted on here in a while. I just thought I would give a random update to what just recently happened to me in my pretty new life as a registered nurse.

    I took the NCLEX-RN in May and failed...

    I took it again after taking Hurst Review and passed it again at the end of August. Now let the job hunt begin!

    I put in soooo many applications everywhere. I submitted them to local area hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, hospices. Probably totaling around 100. I had 2 interviews total. 1 at a GI clinic that I never heard back from and another at a hospital that had a specific RN New Grad post on their HR site. I decided..."What they hey" and submitted that application. I almost forgot I submitted that one and eventually got a call asking to set up an interview.

    Outcome of that interview: The hospital is opening a brand new medical-surgical unit early next year and wants to hire 8 new grads (only 2 or so for the new unit). 7p-7a shift. Night and day shifts available. The training program is 10 weeks long for new grads. That's basically the jist of it They only schedule 16 interviews from all the applications received.

    I found out last week that someone in my nursing class got the job on one of the OTHER med-surg units and I never heard back from them, so I assumed that I didn't get the job. They said I would hear back from them no later than 10/4. I gave up hope and submitted a few more applications on Friday night.

    Monday morning came and I saw that it was the hospital calling and I still had it in my mind that it was a call saying "Thank you for applying, we picked someone else...blah blah blah..." IT WASN'T!! It all changed when she "We have an offer for you" and I of course accepted!!! I start on Oct 28.

    I made my appointment to go to employee health to do all the rigamarole in 2 weeks, (TB test, background check, that stuff)

    I finally feel like the past 2 years of my life in an ADN program was not a total waste. I can finally breath and start putting my education to good use. I can start the BSN program I wanted to because the one I want you have to be working as an RN to start it.

    I can finally start settling down...that is what I am really looking forward to

    Thank you for reading!!!
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    Congratulations!! I'm telling you I loooovvvvee reading about new grads finding a job. It just warms my heart and gives me hope for when I graduate @(^_^)@

    As advice(not an expert here since I'm just waiting for my nursing school acceptance email) I would say be a sponge and absorb as much info, tips from your coworkers.

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    congrats, I'm really happy and excited for you! Several local hospitals around here have the new grad application thing too which I'm leery of, but sounds like it worked great for you!
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    Congrats... Can I ask what state you are located in? From what I am gathering is that in some locales new grads have no others it can be extremely competitive to impossible
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    This is so great to hear! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!
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    Congratulations and best of luck in your new career!
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    Congrats! looks like you will have plenty of your BSN program online or in class? just curious..lots of places I interviewed at ask if Im in school and if so they wont accommodate scheduling needs....Good Luck
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    Congrats!! It gives me hope that I'll find a job after I graduate my nursing program (it's a 2 year program and it starts Jan '14). A lot of recent grads in my area (San Francisco) still can't find a job, maybe due to the fact that they don't have any experience
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    Awesome!! Congrats to you!! I retake my boards next Friday after failing in August. Just found out today a classmate of mine got her fist RN job. She starts in L&D on 10/14.
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    Congrats. You're giving me hope as I begin an ASN (RN) nursing program. What part of the country do you live in, if you don't mind my asking? I live in the Northeast, and I'm panicked about getting a hospital job, or a job that can turn into a hospital job by graduation. Everything I've been reading says the chances are slim since I will not have a BSN yet (I plan on getting one once I get a job as an RN). Thanks for your inspiration and help. Best of luck with your new job!