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I have officially completed my first year of nursing. I graduated in Nov. 2006, passed my boards in Dec 2006, and started my job in Jan of 2007. The first year was nothing less than a roller... Read More

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    Thanks for this awesome, awesome post!
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    WeeBaby..thank you for taking the time to share your first year experience. I was very touched and finished reading your post with tears in my eyes. Monday is my first day of nursing school after a 21 year career in another health field. I know I will think of your encouraging and reaffirming words often over the next couple of years.
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    What a wonderful post, you should submit it to a nursing journal!!!
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    WOW.. thank you for posting that, makes me WANT to go to work on Monday...

    I am still scared and can't think sometimes!
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    thanks for the glimpse into my future! i start in an intermediate nicu next month. congrats on completing your first year and here's to your next!
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    Reading this post put a huge smile on my face ..... thank you for writing that!!

    I remember when you graduated and started working in the NICU, reading through your posts while you were struggling. You really reminded me a lot of myself and I remember feeling the exact same way, went through the exact same things. And see, you made it through! You're strong, you didn't give up, you stuck it out, and look at you now!!
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    Wow, good for you! Congrats on making it through the toughest year of your life!:spin: You sound like an awesome nurse!