I'm a newbie!

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    Graduated on Dec 18, and a start my new job on joint camp on Feb 4. Any advice, tips, or anything?
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    Congrats, what is joint camp?
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    After like a hip surgery, but before rehab
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    Oh, I've never heard of that so I won't be much help.
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    Welcome to allnurses, jpowell6024! Congratulations on your graduation and your new job!
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    Congrats! Not sure what a joint camp is but congrats anyway!
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    Thanks y'all!! So much. Just the encouraging words are calming my nerves
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    Hi..just want to say congratulations! Good thing you already got a job just a few weeks after your graduation! Good luck to you
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    Joint camp- love the name!! Congrats on graduation and the new job. I hope you love it!

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