I Love My Job!

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    I am about 800 hours in to my first RN position as an emergency nurse. While I was working late last night and juggling 5 patients of moderate acuity including a ETOH withdraw, a ?perfed ERCP, a PE, a chemical splash to eyes, and a renal colic. Between assessing them and running orders I took a second and thought man, I love this.

    I work with an amazing team of nurses, both new and with 25+ years behind them. Every single nurse is a joy to work with. I am so grateful they take the time to teach me, and I feel like I contribute to the team.

    Work is so infinitely better than school. The paychecks are nice too!

    It's even nicer being juuuuust a little more familiar with the place than the new residents, so that I actually seemed knowledgeable when they asked for help

    Do you love your job too?

    Let's spread a little happiness today!

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    I do, but I work in research.

    The team you work with is what makes or breaks any job.
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    Quote from equestriRN
    Work is so infinitely better than school. The paychecks are nice too!
    If I could like your post twice, I would. Just for this comment alone! Lol. I'm a new LPN & I loooove working. I work in corrections & no two shifts are the same. But school starts in about 10 days My senior year! I'll be finished with my BSN next spring . It's gonna be a drag to go back to school, but I know it will be better in the long run.
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    Thanks for this post!! I'm only a pre-nursing student and its nice to hear a POSITIVE story about someone's experience fresh out of school and actually working. It's awesome you usually only hear horror stories which I'm soooo tired of hearing. I mean I know that nursing is not an easy job and that it does comes with a lot of negatives but it's good to hear someone place emphasis on the positives. It reminds me why I want to do this. Congratulations on your new found happiness!!
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    This is awesome to hear. I'm a new grad on the floor, but interviewed and wanted the ER so bad. The floor is tough, but it is good experience. Corrections is also my other secret area of choice, I'd like to ultimately do that. So glad to hear you guys are loving your jobs, it's where I am hoping my first one gets me
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    I agree that it's awesome to finally hear about a new grad who is loving his/her job. I have recently been reading so many posts from nurses that have been having horrible experiences with their new jobs. Reading about migraines, sleepless nights, irritability, and so forth, has really made me nervous about what I have to look forward to. This post, however, has put a smile on my face . Thank you equestiRN for that. This tells me that it is possible to love ones job right out of nursing school.
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    I totally agree with you! I have been an LVN on a transplant floor and we work with the number 1 liver and kidney transplant programs in texas and in the nation! I love all my patients, and I work with an awesome team of seasoned and new nurses. Its always nice coming to work knowing that yes we will get our confused ESLD patients but that in the end everyone is alway so greatful that we were there for them! Its great knowing that your patients appreciate what you do for them at their worst! Great Post!
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    Well I have been an LPN for just over two yrs, my first nursing job was at a LTC facility with 30 resident's and a team who was all about themselves, it was difficult but I got in the groove. I stayed for about a yr and was dismissed for something that I didnt do, even though I took responsibility because it involved my aids and I was the charge nurse, well leaving that job made me wonder if I really wanted to be a nurse. I found another job at a skilled orthopedic rehab and I have been there for almost a yr and I have completely fallen in love with nursing, every aspect of it, this is what I was made for. I love it so much, back in school for my ADN and cant wait to work in acute care/ trauma!!!!!!!!!! Im glad that there are other nurses out here who actually do it for more than the money!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thank you so much for your post this morning! I was having some anxiety after my first week of orientation (hit the floor next Sunday) and this helped to relieve me! It's really nice to see a positive post on here!
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    Thanks for accentuating the positive! I love my job and can't imagine doing anything else. Thirty years and counting. I'm so glad that someone is coming after me who feels the same way.😍

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