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Hi, I am a new grad and it's my third week on a busy tele floor. Here is the thing. I feel as though I don't need a preceptor anymore and feel I am ready to be on my own. Every day when I come to... Read More

  1. by   Kysam
    Way overconfident. In fact, I say scary overconfident!
  2. by   Tenebrae
    Quote from CRC12
    I got lots of good advice and heard things that could happen I could not imagine. Thank you for helping me figure this whole preceptor thing out. I truly want to be a good nurse, the one who is vigilant and takes good care of my patients. I just need to have a talk with my preceptor and ask her to let me do simple things myself so I can learn, instead of doing it all for me and treat me like a child.
    Can I suggest you take a moment, actually take several and chill out and realise while you may be incredibly book smart, you dont know alot clinically speaking and you have much to learn. Confidence is fine, being ready to jump in at the deep end with three weeks experience is over confident and IMO dangerous.

    I've worked with nurses of 30 years or more experience who freely admit that if they are unfamiliar with a procedure they have no issues with going to look it up

    In summary
    - confidence is fine
    - over confidence is not
    - not knowing things is fine as long as you are upfront with your colleage
    - not knowing things and not admitting it and fudging your way through and making a mistake and putting the patient at risk is not ok
    - Chill out and enjoy the opportunity to take some learning time in a protective situation because its a very different road show when its five unstable patients crashing and there is no one to help
  3. by   HurdYou
    Awwww, you haven't experienced anything yet. Of course you feel like you've got this! Stand down grasshopper! I've seen the cocky new nurse get her behind handed to her by the doctors and other nurses because she got ahead of herself, thinking she knows everything.
    Not saying this is your fate or wishing anything but the best, but do slow down and absorb as much as you can. Your orientation will change as you progress, you'll do more and more and the preceptor will do less and less. When he/she feels like you are ready, you'll take the team and either sink or swim. Your preceptor will be there to rescue you. If you are truly ready to be on your own, you just might be turned loose before the 12 weeks. Hold tight and listen for now.
  4. by   dumbnurse
    Take the orientation, it's the only one you will get! Sooner than later things will get tight and you will be thankful for that time where you knew that someone was there, you could talk to and management was not on your back. Good luck
  5. by   TheCommuter
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  6. by   Ben_Dover
    Quote from CRC12
    I am a new grad and it's my third week on a busy tele floor. Here is the thing. I feel as though I don't need a preceptor anymore and feel I am ready to be on my own. Every day when I come to work I think things would have been easier for me if I could organize my day without anybody telling me what we need to do next or do it my preceptor's way. I feel confident talking to doctors and monitoring my patients. I have caught things before the patient deteriorated badly.

    But now I have a question. Am I being too confident? Am I missing something? I feel as though all new grads should feel overwhelmed and need preceptor's help. I just don't want to be one of those new grads who felt too confident and made a huge mistake because they thought they were ready too early and didn't need help.

    I was just wondering and would like to know how you are doing CRC12?