How far do you travel to get to work? - page 6

by born2circulateRN

Hey ya'll! I'm a new grad, recently graduated this semester and I was wondering if I should apply to this position. It's an internship/ GN position for Med-surg, but the problem is that it's like 45 minutes away (i know some... Read More

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    I live in Atlanta trying to get a job in Alabama so that will be a 1 1/2 drive for me just trying to get experience
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    I drive about 40 minutes to get to my job. I'm about to finish a LPN-BSN program so I'm applying everywhere in the country lol.. My area ( DC metro ) is heavily saturated with nurses.
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    I drive 40 minutes each way with no traffic. I find it to be relaxing and enjoyable, although the drive home is more annoying than the drive in b/c I am anxious to get home to my family.
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    About 5 minutes.
    Any other hospitals are an hour South or North.
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    20-25 each way
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    I chose an outstanding employer for my first job, but it was a 75-minute commute. I loved the job, but had to concede defeat after 4 months. (Moving is not an option.) We parted on good terms, but I regret my error in thinking I could safely sustain that kind of commute. For some people--no problem. For me--dealbreaker.