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  1. by   danigold
    I drive 40 minutes each way with no traffic. I find it to be relaxing and enjoyable, although the drive home is more annoying than the drive in b/c I am anxious to get home to my family.
  2. by   mwc1230
    About 5 minutes.
    Any other hospitals are an hour South or North.
  3. by   pugmom79
    20-25 each way
  4. by   Benedina
    I chose an outstanding employer for my first job, but it was a 75-minute commute. I loved the job, but had to concede defeat after 4 months. (Moving is not an option.) We parted on good terms, but I regret my error in thinking I could safely sustain that kind of commute. For some people--no problem. For me--dealbreaker.

  5. by   poohrn33
    [COLOR=#003366]whitecat5000 what do you do to help with the commute? I am starting a new job at a reputable hospital. Right now the drive is about 50 mins (about 50miles). My husband and I may be moving about 1 hour away from where we are now which will turn this drive into almost 2 hours.
  6. by   calivianya
    I live about 1.5 miles from work - so a five minute commute if that. I am jealous of people who feel safe walking to work - we have no sidewalks where I live so I'd have to be walking in the street. I also hate to judge a book by its cover but 90% of the people who walk are carrying all of their earthly possessions with them in shopping carts and the other 10%... well... I have never seen anyone walking who is dressed well and I see a lot of shiny handles sticking out of pockets because a lot of them are carrying. I just don't feel comfortable walking in the street with them. Where do you all live that you feel safe walking a mile? That's a pretty long way if there's nowhere you can duck inside on your way if things get hairy. 15-20 minutes is a long time to be exposed with no shelter.

    And where exactly do you put a bike at work, anyway? I obviously couldn't put it in my locker and I feel like if I left one in a parking spot someone would just steal it. It's not like there are bike racks or anything like that. I have lived in this place for ten months and I have never seen a bike rack anywhere in the entire city, not even at the local college. I don't think I've ever even seen anyone older than 10 on a bike either.

    I just picked up a PRN job that's an hour and fifteen minutes away. I really hate the commute, but I could really use the money, so it is what it is.
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