Finally signing RN at the end of my signature :-)

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    I passed the NCLEX less than a week ago! Yesterday I was filling out the hiring paperwork for my first job as a Registered Nurse, when it dawned on me...I could sign RN after my name right now!

    Then it got me thinking, when is it appropriate to sign RN with your name? I will be doing it with my documentation at my work, however should I be signing it with most documents?

    I am just curious, what do you experienced nurses do? Thank you!

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    Anything that pertains to nursing, your job, anything that you are signing BECAUSE you're an RN.

    Not on checks. Not on your credit card receipts. And unless you're absent-minded like me, lol, not on your kids' field trip permission slips!

    If you're buying a house, NO. If you're signing a note in the chart, YES. On your HR paperwork? If you feel like it only.

    Oh, and CONGRATS!
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    I still can't get used to it! Gives me a thrill every time. It's the little things in life, ya know?
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    I forget to put RN when I sign work documents. But no, only sign RN if it is something related to your job. Everything else just sign your name.

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    What an amazing feeling for you! I just passed NCLEX-RN last week and I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to sign those two letters behind my name! Congrats!
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    First of all, Congratulations! Make sure you only add the RN initials on work related documents, not on applications, checks, or personal papers. However, every once in awhile, you will catch yourself almost adding those initials after your name. I'm speaking from experience when I passed my boards 4 years ago.
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    Thank you, everyone!! I am so excited to begin my career as a Registered Nurse. I will leave the "RN" signing only to nursing documents...and my boyfriend's birthday card, just because I can Thanks again!!
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    The day I got the "You passed" email, I took myself out to lunch and paid with a check just so that I could sign it and tack on "RN"--after that I only use post-nomials on work stuff where necessary, ie charts but not on the W-4 form when I got hired...
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    Yay!! Congrats to you!! I have two hrs to go beforeI can do that!!

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    Quote from RNsRWe

    Not on checks. Not on your credit card receipts. And unless you're absent-minded like me, lol, not on your kids' field trip permission slips!
    I did that on my daughter's folder once early in the morning when I was only half awake. The teacher asked my daughter why I did that. Oops!
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