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  1. Busymom2day

    Intermediate/Tele floor to PACU

    Hello. I’ve been a nurse for 7 years. I’ve worked on an Intermediate Telemetry floor for 4.5 years and I’m currently ready for a change. My heart aches to work in ICU. The more lines, tubes, drains my patient has the more challenged and excited I feel. When I transfer a patient to ICU, I so wish I could follow them to see what comes next. I currently work nights and my family desperately needs me to move to day shift. I recently interviewed for ICU and it went very well, but the manager went with someone with over a decade of ICU experience. She told me she would love to hire me but won’t have a day position coming along for quite some time. Can someone tell me what a typical shift is like in PACU. It’s really the only other area that I’m interested in. Will I get the critical care experience I crave? I also really enjoy bedside nursing and I’m worried that I will miss that. I will gladly take any advice and thoughts from experienced PACU nurses!
  2. Busymom2day

    If you had a reset button, would you choose nursing again?

    My answer is yes. But...I went back to school when I was 31, married and had two kids. It has not been easy! If I could do it again I would start nursing school right out of high school, get some floor experience for about 10 years and then get in to teaching. Floor nursing is very hard for family life. The hours, the exhaustion, at times it can be very emotionally draining. I love nursing, every joyful, tearful, stressful, rewarding, happy, sad, moment of it! But my husband and my family are ready for me to get a 9-5 "traditional" hours job and I still love my floor nursing for the moment. I have been a nurse for 3 years and I am learning so much every day on the floor. I started out on a surgical floor and now on an intermediate Med/Tele floor I just feel that the hours and exhaustion are not a good fit for family life at this time in my life. Eventually I will move to another specialty which is the great thing about nursing!
  3. Busymom2day

    Administering Fentanyl

    I have worked on a busy surgical floor and have mostly administered it IV. It is mostly used for breakthrough surgical pain. I have also seen it used in a PCA. Now that I work on a med/tele floor where I dont give pain meds that often for acute pain i see it occasionally in a transdermal patch for chronic pain.
  4. Busymom2day

    WGU RN to BSN program start 5/1/15

    I'm starting 5-1 as well. Has anyone started orientation yet?
  5. Busymom2day

    Exclusive pumping/hospital RNs that pump

    So glad I found this post! I'm going back to work tomorrow after having 12 weeks off for maternity leave. I work on a busy med surg floor and I am most nervous about finding the time to pump!! I have a hard time stepping away from my patients as it is and finding the time to take a pumping break is going to be a challenge. Glad to read all the tips and pointers from the ones who have been through it!
  6. Busymom2day

    Finally signing RN at the end of my signature :-)

    What an amazing feeling for you! I just passed NCLEX-RN last week and I cannot wait until I have the opportunity to sign those two letters behind my name! Congrats!
  7. Busymom2day

    New Grad with Peer Interview butterflies...

    Thanks so much for the pointers. I had my interview today and WOW! It was tough! It consisted of two charge nurses and a nurse from the MedSurg floor. The interview took about an hour and fifteen minutes and the questions were pretty tough i thought. They were a lot of describe a time when...scenarios. A lot of the scenarios were things that I hadn't really experienced but I just pulled from some experiences and gave them the best answer I could. They ended with 3 or 4 patient scenarios that I thought were kind of tough, since I have never actually practiced on my own as a nurse. I gave them the best I could and they seemed pleased with my answers. They told me that the manager would be making a decision and sending out offers tomorrow! I think I felt pretty good up until I noticed that they each had a stack of about 7 resume packets of other people under mine that they were going to interview or go through as well. Seeing that stack really hit home that I'm going to have to give this interview my best shot and it really really made me nervous. I kept my cool as much as I could and had a little breakdown from the build up of nerves in the car on the way home. All I can do now is relax and say lots of prayers!
  8. Busymom2day

    FB page for your particular class

    My LPN class and my RN classes both had Facebook pages. We all found it really helpful. Whether it was a "grades are up", "hey what page was that on", or just inspirational posts I think it helped us all to support each other through school. I would highly suggest though that it should be a closed, private, group by invitation only. In both of my groups they were private and no one has access to them accept us and no one can join without permission or invitation from other students. It's also a great way to stay in touch after school!
  9. Hi everyone. I have been a member on here for a while and have all nurses to be very helpful and informative. I don't post alot but I have greatly enjoyed reading and learning from my fellow nurses. I just found out that I PASSED the NCLEX-RN last week on my first attempt!! I also had my first ever interview a couple of weeks ago for a full time night position on a Med/Surg floor. I think it went really well and I was surprisingly relaxed throughout the interview. I got a call back for a "peer interview" which is scheduled for tomorrow. I was wondering what exactly I can expect from this interview? I have prepared and went over a lot of anticipated general interview questions but still really nervous. Have you guys had a lot of experience with scenario type questions? I'm just really nervous that as a new grad that I won't know the answer and if I'm up against some experienced nurses that it is going to hurt me. Do they take this into consideration when interviewing new grads? What are their expectations? Does anyone have any pointers or experience with peer interviews? The nurse manager said that it would be a charge nurse a staff nurse and herself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Busymom2day

    RN bridge program starts in 2 weeks!

    Congrats! I graduate in two months from a bridge program. It wasn't as intense for me as PN school was but not easy either! It's really about changing your way of thinking and how to intervene in situations. Instead of "reporting to the RN" you have to wrap your head around the fact that you are the RN that is being reported to, now what's your intervention going to be? Good luck to you! If you made it through LPN school you will make it through this! I don't really have many pointers as far as books that you might need. If you don't have a good care plan book with the new NANDA that was just released it would be helpful. You will do great!
  11. Busymom2day

    What next? (After my ADN)

    Thanks for your help Blue4me2. I will definitely check that out!
  12. Busymom2day

    What next? (After my ADN)

    Hello fellow nurses! I am graduating in May '13 with my ADN and I'm starting to do some research on what to do next. I know that I want to immediately start a part time BSN program after I pass NCLEX and land a job. I have been trying to do some research on the costs, prereq's required, etc. My ADN program does offer an online program that would end up costing me about $14,000. I'm going to apply to this program but I'm still looking for better or other opportunies. I want to make sure that I get the best value! When I start searching online for RN-BSN programs I just get overwhelmed. Every college also wants to sign you up on their email list to bombard you with emails and they seem to beat around the bush as to their program cost. My "life plan" in a dream world would be to obtain my BSN and eventually get my MSN to become a nurse educator. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start looking? Has anyone really enjoyed their online BSN program and they would like to share their experience? Also, I have only ever been a full time student. How does financial aid work when you are enrolled part time in an online program? Am I going to have to put more of my out of pocket $$ into it, or does it generally cover it? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Busymom2day

    how long did you wait to go from LPN to RN?

    Yes it is a private school. They do require us to take Microbiology with lab in our last semester. We are also getting around 19 credit hours added to our transcript from PN school for classes like Nutrition, Growth and Develpment and A&P.
  14. Busymom2day

    Brushing up for clinicals

    I agree with the previous poster about brushing up on IV skills. I was lucky enough to go to a PN school that came with IV certification. In my bridge program some of us are IV certified and some of are not. They did not give the ones who are not certified any type of skills or brushing up session. They are just trained at clinicals. They had also never learned IV drip rates so it was something that they kind of had to teach themselves. It's really not all that different from PN school. Alot of the questions are going to be different. Instead of reporting the RN, YOU are now going to be RN and you have to know what action/intervention to take with the patient. You will do great!
  15. Busymom2day

    how long did you wait to go from LPN to RN?

    I received my acceptance letter to a bridge program on June 1st, graduated from LPN school on June 12, passed my NCLEX in July and started a bridge program July 30th. I will be graduating RN school on May 10th, 2013. So it will take me about 1 year and 9 months total to get my RN. It will be the busiest, most challenging time of my life but for me it was worth it to get it done quickly! I was lucky that my RN program did not require any prereqs. They also have a good reputation and a really good pass rate so I'm glad it worked out. Good luck to you!