Employed '09 and '10 grads: Are you where you wanted to be?

  1. First let me write that I am super thankful to be gainfully employed as a new grad RN...so this isn't a rant thread. I'm just curious to know if you landed a job in the area that you wanted when you were in school? Also, if you didn't get the area you wanted are you happy where you're at now? Do you have plans to switch to your desired area in a few years when things turn around?

    I worked in a skilled facility as an LPN but I always wanted to be a L&D nurse once I got my RN. Well, long story short I graduated in April '09, passed boards in June, and couldn't find a job till late Dec(and that was with a connection!). My area is substance abuse and about as far from L&D as you can imagine.

    I was thrilled about finally getting an RN job and a pretty good one at that and I don't like to think ungrateful thoughts when so many can't find anything at all. I'm not exaggerating...the schedule...my co-workers....my head nurse....my nurse manager it's all good.

    I'm really lucky to have this job and would have never got it if it wasn't for getting a little assistance. I even got my first review and it was glowing.

    I truly have nothing to complain about.....yet I still have thoughts of wanting to work in L&D. Not that I could get a job in that area anyway so I'm stuck where I'm at for now. The job requires critical thinking but very little hands on and I'm losing my skills! I haven't dressed a wound or given an injection since Dec and street clothes are nice but I miss my scrubs sometimes.
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  3. by   Blackheartednurse
    I thought that I would have a one year of hospital experience under my belt by now.I graduated more than a year ago on May 2009.Passed my board on August 24.I work as a home health nurse-part time.I enjoy home health but I need a full time job with insurance plus you learn in a more acute place therefore I'm still trying to apply to the hospitals in my state.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from Lovely_RN
    I worked in a skilled facility as an LPN but I always wanted to be a L&D nurse once I got my RN. Well, long story short I graduated in April '09, passed boards in June, and couldn't find a job till late Dec(and that was with a connection!). My area is substance abuse and about as far from L&D as you can imagine.
    You sound like me, except I was trying to run as far away from L&D as possible

    I ended up in psych nursing, primarily on a substance abuse/detox unit (though I get quite a bit time on the more psychotic floors)...and yes, I'm where I want to be. I didn't realize it until a few months in, though...but I've found my calling.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I graduated from an RN bridge program in March 2010, passed NCLEX-RN in May, and have four years of experience as an LVN/LPN in long term care.

    I applied to multiple hospitals in the large metro area where I reside and have dealt with multiple rejections. I was granted one interview for a med/surg internship at a major teaching hospital in Dallas, but the recruiter decided to select other applicants for the position. I am currently working as a floor nurse at a nursing home on the part-time weekend night shift while picking up extra hours there during the week.

    I was recently hired as a PRN employee at a small rehabilitation hospital and will start training there next week. I am hoping that I like it and that learning experiences will arise. I am also hoping that it has the potential to turn into a full-time venture.

    I want to gain some acute care hospital experience because I feel that it will lead to more career mobility and marketability in nursing. In addition, I'd like a job that offers health insurance and retirement. My part-time and PRN gigs do not offer these things. However, I'll take what I can get for now and pay the bills with it.
  6. by   liv4nurse
    I have recently graduated with my BSN in May 2010. Passed NCLEX in early July (first time, yeah!!!). I also have worked in healthcare as NA, Medical Assistant, Emergency Dept Tech, etc. for the past 10 years. I have been applying everwhere with not even a phone from HR. My plan was to go to the ED right out of school. That of course has changed. I just want to get my foot in the door at this point at any hosptial. This quite frustrating and discouraging. I never imagined I would not have a job once I became a nurse.
    I am curious, there has been several people from my nursing class who have gotten nursing positions. Majority of these nurses are in their early 20's with little or no work experience. I am in my mid 30's, several years of work experience and as I said haven't even had an interview. What is this about? Could it possibly age discrimination? Please any advice or suggestions would be greatly appericated.
  7. by   eeyorelov
    I graduated my May 09 with my BSN, and passed board that July. I took me a full year to get a job, so I am beyond grateful, I'm blessed to have a job! I'm in a residency on a med/tele floor that currently has ortho as well but over the next year will become PCU instead. I as happy were I'm at, I have a great preceptor, great co-worker and my bosses are really nice. But I am not were I want to be. I want NICU, and I know in a few years I will start to move that way, starting with mother/baby or L&D.
  8. by   Bobbkat
    I doubt it's age discrimination unless the hiring managers know you. Otherwise, if they have never contacted you how would they know your age?
  9. by   cjroan
    I graduated in February of this year. I found a job in LTC in April. It was a good learning experience in organizing my time, as in (never stop moving). In June I got an interview in a hospital in a neighboring town. It is rural, but they are growing and the hospital is very nice. Everyone has been encouraging and I start my orientation on med/surg on Monday. I have been watching these boards and I am so grateful for this opportunity. All I can say is I talked to everyone I knew and prayed alot! I am fifty years old and had no previous medical experience prior to my ADN program. I am both excited an nervous about orientation. The computer orientation made my head spin! A friend at church also works at the hospital, so be sure to talk to all your friends and acquaintances and you just never know when an opportunity will pop up. I applied online to many hospitals in my area and NEVER GOT an interview. Good luck to all of you!
  10. by   birdcage
    I was a casual status LPN in LTC facility during my RN program and was thankful to get to keep my job as an RN. Graduated in May '09 and passed boards in August '09. I applied for a minimum of 150 RN positions in 7 different states. This summer I focused my search on just the area I wanted to work. Now, I finally have a job in NICU!

    So, yes, I have the job I want but I worked long and hard to get this job. And I gained great experience in the LTC facility where I worked for 2 years.

    I pray that everyone still looking for a job is able to stay positive. It is rough getting rejection after rejection. But eventually you will get that phone call saying "You're hired!"
  11. by   LETRN
    I graduated in May with my BSN and passed my boards in June. I was hired in the ED in April and started the first week of June. It has always been my dream, and I am so blessed to be where I am today. It's completely stressful and the learning curve is ridiculously steep, but I love every minute of it.
  12. by   amarilla
    I am also a May graduate, hired in June to the med-surg floor I worked on as a tech throughout school. Perhaps it's the charms of this particular floor, but since I started there, it's been my first choice to work as a new nurse. We see so many different patients with a wide variety of needs; I feel that the opportunities for skills and developing assessment skills will make this job worthwhile and challenging for several good years, (at least!).

    Had you asked me throughout nursing school, I would have insisted that the OR is where I am meant to be, and I am still tremendously interested in surgery. Given a choice between working the floor or striking out to find a needle in a haystack, (a new grad job in an OR), I obviously chose to start my career here and see what happens.


  13. by   RNMeg
    I'm exactly where I want to be. I graduated May 2010, passed boards June 2010, and will be starting in ICU stepdown in August 2010. It's disappointing to be starting 3 months after graduating, but after seeing posts on here with 2009 grads still unemployed makes me realize I'm one of the lucky ones.
    This stepdown floor sees a wide variety of patients, all with different needs. I'm very excited to hone my skills.
  14. by   NeoPediRN
    Nope. I wanted to do PICU, NICU, or ER that had both adults and children. I currently work in a post ICU rehab setting, on a NICU/PICU stepdown...so it's close, but not quite there. I'm currently applying to PA school though. Overall, nursing is a great profession but just not quite wehre I want to be.