Did preceptors get paid more or receive bonus by precepting new nurses?

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    I just wonder if nurses get paid more by becoming preceptors?
    I would feel bad if my preceptor is a victim whom is randomly selected without compensation .....I just would like someone who is willing to do it. It does not matter whether they are motivated by monetary gain or their desire to teach.

    Where I work, it seem to me that my preceptors change every two weeks I still do not or will never get a permanent preceptor. I am jealous of some other new nurses who have a permanent preceptor. I just wonder if the manager just said "you have to precept such and such new nurse this week".... and then that nurse had no choice but to do it... this is not appropriate especially in critical care setting.

    I am just curious but it is not appropriate to ask them :chuckle
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    Basically you are targeted by the manager as one who is strong enough clinically to precept.

    Where I work we are on a "pay for skill", and one of those is precepting, so it's 4% more that's built into our salary, whether we are actively precepting at that moment in time or not. So basically, when a new employee is hired and I'm asked to precept them, unless I want to give the money back, it's expect that I don't refuse.

    Having one preceptor is a good idea, but also having more than one isn't bad either, either you can see other people's styles and learn more. So just stay open to the experience and learn what you can. Although a different preceptor every two weeks is not appropriate.
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    Where I work, you have level I, II, & III RNs, each level differs in pay. In order to maintain level II & III you have to be able to do duties such as charge nurse and precepting. At times there has been difficulty in having 1 preceptor, but they usually try to limit it to 2. If you are hired as a new employee, you will first orientate on days with 1 preceptor and then finish your orientation on nights with another preceptor. An effort is made to keep the orientee with the same preceptor as much as possible. Personally I enjoy precepting. Also when I precept, I am exempt from doing charge
    I agree changing preceptors so frequently is not appropriate.
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    In many places, no.

    There are facilities that have assigned me nurses to precept...despite the fact that I am a traveler and not there permanently. And I definitely don't get extra pay for it.

    But as a traveler at least they ask me before assigning me to precept. When I was a staff nurse, I showed up to work and found myself assigned with no warning. And I didn't get paid extra then.
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    we don't get paid any extra for precepting. We do have staff nurse 2 and 3 and it is one of the criteria for obtaining staff nurse 2 etc.
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    What happens if you dont like your preceptor? Can you change or is that too difficult. I have never had a preceptor but seem to have always been one so it will be a new experience for me to be on the recieving end.
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    I think if the NM cares whether or not she has a good nurse and wants to keep her. you should be able to ask not to be with someone you feel is not giving you want you need, sometimes it is just as simple as a personaility conflict. You should be comfortabel with your preceptor, you will be asking alot of questions and need guidance.
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    I think the new nurses themselves should have to pay their preceptors. After all they are recieveing the benefits of what we can offer them. They paid to go to school, let them pay to be precepted.
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    You're joking right?
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    Quote from teeituptom
    I think the new nurses themselves should have to pay their preceptors. After all they are recieveing the benefits of what we can offer them. They paid to go to school, let them pay to be precepted.

    Why? :stone

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