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  1. You all probably know about this news. I think nothing else we can do to improve security in hospitals... Shootings just happen everywhere. ATLANTA, Georgia (AP) -- A 71-year-old man fatally shot his ailing wife in her hospital room and then killed himself Monday morning, authorities said. Donald Shields walked into St. Joseph's Hospital at about 6 a.m. and shot his wife, Beverly, in her intensive care room before turning the gun on himself, said Fulton County Police spokesman Cpl. Gary Syblis. The shootings were confined to one room and no other injuries were reported, police said. Beverly Shields, 70, had suffered from a heart-related illness, Syblis said. He did not say what sort of treatment she had undergone, but said she had been in the hospital for several weeks and that her recovery was not going well. Syblis would not speculate about a motive and declined to say how the man got a gun into his wife's hospital room. A hospital spokeswoman declined to comment on the shooting, saying hospital officials were preparing a statement. St. Joseph's, founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1880, is Atlanta's oldest hospital. The 360-bed facility in north Atlanta specializes in cardiac care. Quoted from http://edition.cnn.com/2005/US/08/15/hospital.shooting.ap/
  2. Yes, I would like to...but.. with minimum starting pay, I can't even live on it. If they gave us a few dollars more, I don't mind giving some of the portion to my preceptors. They will feel that they are obligated to teach as more like the clinical instructor in nursing school do Thanks for all your reply.
  3. atlanta

    AAARRRGGGHHHH! My paycheck was wrong!

    I was also a former CNA. That's the mistake that I thought it might have happened to me. But it didn't. BTW, HR previously warned me that I may get CNA pay for about a week or so before RN pay because they can't financially change the payrate based on new position during the two-week paycheck period! You can't have two hourly rates in one pay check. Fortunately, I started to work at the begining of pay period.. Therefore, I get RN pay on the first paycheck..... however, I don't get as many hours for orientations during the first week as the new employee. I don't get a full-time hours initially. :uhoh21: Talk to HR and your manager.. I hope everything work out for you.
  4. I just wonder if nurses get paid more by becoming preceptors? I would feel bad if my preceptor is a victim whom is randomly selected without compensation .....I just would like someone who is willing to do it. It does not matter whether they are motivated by monetary gain or their desire to teach. Where I work, it seem to me that my preceptors change every two weeks I still do not or will never get a permanent preceptor. I am jealous of some other new nurses who have a permanent preceptor. I just wonder if the manager just said "you have to precept such and such new nurse this week".... and then that nurse had no choice but to do it... this is not appropriate especially in critical care setting. I am just curious but it is not appropriate to ask them :chuckle
  5. atlanta

    Did You Get A Sign On Bonus?

    I totally agree! I know a place that offer 10,000 sign-on bonus... but I know that I am not going there... I was there as a tech and I know how crazy it is.
  6. I just started my ICU internship... The intership is 6 months, including rotation to all critical care units and ER. It is two year contract. I really think that the rotations to other critical care units unnecessarily lengthen the time of the intership.. Although I can't change my job right now, I'm still curious what is the length of ICU orientation in other hospitals.. how long is the contract after completion of the internship? Do they make you go through formal critical care course or they just let you learn on the job? Do you get a sign on bonus?
  7. atlanta

    Am I gonna lose my first nursing job?

    Few of my previous classmate started with insurance company.... I think things might be better when you begin to familiar with the jobs for 6 months.
  8. atlanta

    New nurse blues

    Your orientation is so long... What unit you are in? Why do they require that length of orientation?
  9. atlanta

    Did I fail

  10. atlanta

    Things I remember about NCLEX....

    I did not remember signing anything... I might sign something but I didn't read about it... sorry....I removed it, now..... I appreciated your warning.
  11. atlanta

    Things I remember about NCLEX....

  12. atlanta

    Eternal Pessimist!!!!!

    I used NCSBN for the review questions only. I didn't study their content.. Their questions are very hard and mentally prepare you for NCLEX!! I think Kaplan is the best (coz I didn't time to try Mosby or Lippicott) and their questions are worded just like NCLEX... But you still need to know the content...That's what my weak point and get overwhelmed about exam.... For content review, I recommend Saundras 2nd edition. But their questions are much easier and is less similar to NCLEX, so you may need difficult questions from either Kaplan or NCSBN to strengthen the testing taking skills (like prioritizing or delegation). I was Kaplan that help me with "the most stable, least stable" senerio. However, I am an advocate for Saundras, too. Their rationales are very well-explained and easy to understand. In conclusion, I recommend either (Kaplan+saundras) or (NCSBN+saundras). Like "xokelly2", I kept a small notebook that help me organize "lab value", "positions", "diet requirement", and "infection control" of each disease process or procedure. Anyway, you can't believe me much about test preparation because I almost failed with 265.
  13. atlanta

    Eternal Pessimist!!!!!

    That's funny about pearsonvue... Their system was on maintenaine this morning. I thought it was because they messed up about posting the results... but I checked it again... and I still passed.. I just gave my mom 1,000 dollars coz I bet on that... but I owned her a lot and want to give her something when I am a bit more stable anyhow ... Life is uncertain.. I have situation like this so many... from now on, I just try not to be serious about sth much... I will start the same day as yours, Monday. .. I think we can now move on to the next forum "first year in nursing". Good luck!
  14. Thank you very much! I don't know whether you took NCLEX already but Good luck. Just FYI... don't be nervous if you don't get cut off as soon as you want. My weak point was that I went to take the test with the mindset that I will get cut of at 75-150.... when the number went up and up, I began to feel anxious, sweat, cry and lose concentration and went all the way to 265..don't think of the number of the questions and level of difficult at the ime... During the test, I kept thinking when the questions lacked the bolded words "most, initial, or immediate", I must have been going down hill in the graph... Just answer them all with the best of your ability... and just manage your time because you never know how many questions you will have... I answer my last questions within the last minute!
  15. atlanta

    265 --- and I PASSED!

    I passed with 265!! I can't believe my eyes.... I was crying and laughing about 4 min before I can calm down...
  16. I passed with 265! I can't stop crying and laughing at the same time at this point.........