ALL nights or day/night MIX shift to pick? HELP! need to reply to recruiter!

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    Hi all!!
    I am a new grad ready to start my new job soon, however had a question for you, the recruiter called me and asked if I wanted all nights or day/night mix shift.... I have no experience so wondering what the pros and cons and maybe what you would prefer picking and why?
    ALL night shifts: i would have to adjust for only for the first few weeks??
    Day/Night Mix shifts: i would constantly be adjusting my sleep schedule?? would i be a zombie?

    THANKS in advance for any comments or advice!!
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    all nights, definetly. The mix is horrible to acclimate to.
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    thats what I figured, they said that regarding the day/night shifts, that the days wouldnt be right next to each other, but i figure, for the long run it would be better just to stay one way...
    thanks for the quick response MORTE
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    by the way, did you experience this yourself? just curious :spin:
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    I have worked shift work for an entire lifetime. I have never "Liked" days. Too many people, to many managers. Day/evening rotation is doable. Day/night extremely difficult. You will spend fprever catching up on sleep and utilizing your "days off" to sleep. Your body never really figures out whether you ant it to be a wake, asleep or eating. My vote.....straight nights.

    Congratulations!!!!! ON your job!!!! Good luck!!
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    Having worked a mix (albeit not as a nurse), it is definitely harder on the body than having a consistent schedule. It can be done, but its's very hard. So unless you really have an urge to work day shifts or prefer to keep more of your nights free, I'd go with the all nights.
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    I am a new grad so this will be my first job after almost 3-4 months of job searching. I will be moving out of state. It really doesnt matter to me when i go to work, just I think I would like it to be consistent (so i dont have to keep adjusting every few days --- ill just adjust for the first few weeks of work)? of course ALL DAYS would be nice but that wasnt an option (not surprising, but its ok, i have a job!)
    ALSO, was talking with my mother about this and she was concerned about the safety from leaving work at 3am (IF that was an 8hr shift) but I guess that is another story... I'll bring a pepper spray i guess hahaa!

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! Keep the comments/advice coming! :spin:
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    I once worked 2 12s and 2 8s a week with rotating da/noc. so, in one week i actually worked all three shifts. you really "see" the damage better after the fact, or watching someone else try to do it. This was also part of my invitation to leave, so to speak.
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    wow... thanks for the advice, i think i will do all nights just so i could have some consistency and not be too much of a zombie during my days off...
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    Definitely take all nights. I work nights and I can't imagine flipping back and forth regularly. Oh why would you do that to yourself
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