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Hi Fellow Nurses! Is anyone else anxiously awaiting the 2017 cycle opening? I have applied several times and praying that 2017 is my year. I'm tier 1 - not faculty and not an NP. Is anyone... Read More

  1. by   dxb53
    I have not received a credit check yet either. I'll be monitoring it through creditkarma, hoping the credit inquiry will come soon. From what I understand, this doesn't necessarily mean you'll get the repayment, but NOT getting a credit inquiry means you won't get it.
  2. by   RN4KU
    I applied last year did not get the award, RN MH score 17, D/I 180%. I had a credit check show up on Equifax credit report only.
    CREDCO on April 19, 2016.

  3. by   CJLogel
    I applied last cycle and was denied and when I enquired as to why I didn't make the cut this was the
    response. I thought I was tier 1 with a debt-to-ratio of 150% I wanted to know if I filled my app out wrong so I could fix it this cycle.

    The NURSE Corps is a very competitive program that receives thousands of applications - from dedicated nurses, such as your-self, who provide health care to the underserved of our Nation - each year. Your debt-to-salary ratio was 65.00%/ Level 2 Tier. For the 2016 NURSE Corps funding cycle, all funds for Registered Nurses were depleted at the debt-to-salary ratio of 170.90% Level 1 Tier.
    Each year, NURSE Corps funding has been depleted at different levels for each pool of applicants .
  4. by   pbflash42
    That is very interesting that you had a different percentage than they did. Now I am wondering if we all have looked it the wrong way...for me, I would have thought I was in Tier 1 the last 3-4 years!!! I just don't understand how different these numbers could be.
    As I stated last year, I wish when we logged into portal, it would just tell us how they calculated our D/I ratio, what tier we are in, and how many people have applied. That way, for those without a shot in the dark, we wouldn't waste time stressing over the whole process! Gah!
    Better communication from the program administrators would help us so much!
    Good luck!!!
  5. by   CJLogel
    No I figured wrong on the d/I ratio. I did believe I was tier 1, not 2. I owe $44000. I still applied for this cycle.
  6. by   babyz
    Turns out that I have not gotten a credit check.
    It was my mortgage.
  7. by   AnaLong
    @babyz : sorry about the disappointment

    However, does anyone know what happens if your salary changes during the "under review" period? I wonder if that would make it look like I lied on my application and disqualify me?
  8. by   Lola Lou
    Quote from AnaLong
    @babyz : sorry about the disappointment

    However, does anyone know what happens if your salary changes during the "under review" period? I wonder if that would make it look like I lied on my application and disqualify me?
    There should be a place in the applicant portal to ask this question. I would be up front with your income information. I'm sure it wouldn't look like you lied as long as you updated the information accordingly. Whether this disqualified you or not I have no idea. I hope that this isn't the case but if your income is now lower your chances of being awarded would increase. Good luck!
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  9. by   AshleyDiane6
    I've been applying every year since I graduated. I'm a MH RN in tier 18. My debt to income ratio isn't awful so I doubt I will be awarded.
  10. by   prnqday
  11. by   ND_DNP
    Is anyone aware of, or have any knowledge, of around the time people have been awarded in previous years? I know that the deadline is September 30th. I have read some people getting notification as early as April or May and others not finding out until the last day.

    Also, this is my first year applying. I am currently a family nurse practitioner working in a rural clinic with a HPSA score of 17 and my debit to income ratio is 294.4%. I see that there are many people with debt to income ratios close to the 200% mark. I am really praying that I get some assistance with this program. I relocated my family specifically for this program. Good luck to all that applied!
  12. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    Back in January, some lawyers sued the Department of Education after they were told they didn't qualify or student loan forgiveness after all. Now the feds are saying the student loan forgiveness can be cancelled anytime, even retroactively.
  13. by   ND_DNP
    The program described in the article you posted is different than the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment program. The program in the article is the student loan forgiveness program. I looked into this program also but it does not pay off your loans as quickly and the service obligation, as it states, is 10 years. The Nurse Corps Loan Repayment is a 2-year commitment initially with an opportunity to apply for a third year. The application and information is very specific. I haven't heard of these things happening with this program at all. If it has someone should post so! I know people get denied for many reasons that they don't believe are fair.