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**POLL** New 1st Year RN Salary - page 24

Hello all, I am curious to see what the current pay rate is across the country so we can better prepare ourselves and negotiate better salaries! Please try to keep this poll to any graduates after... Read More

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    1) AZ
    2) $26.50 base, $27.50 night shift. LOTS of overtime.
    3) New grad
    4) long term care/acute rehab
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    1. New orleans
    2. $25.60 base pay $3 evenings $5 nights and weekends
    3. New grad
    4. ER
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    Quote from ixchel
    Not even government jobs are giving pensions. My husband is full time in a government job. He has the non profit version of a 401k with matching up to 8% I think.
    I have one, and I work for a private hospital. They still exist.
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    $27; +$5 shift diff nights, $3 evenings and $2 weekends
    New Grad program-no prior experience

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