Passed my CPNE! I'm a GN!! Passed my CPNE! I'm a GN!! - pg.2 | allnurses

Passed my CPNE! I'm a GN!! - page 2

So I tested Dec 7-9th 2012 at St. Peter's in Albany! The site was great, the CE's were amazing as was the CA! This test is passable on the first go round, if you are prepared! I honestly recommend... Read More

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    Congrats! I know how stressful that exam is! Good luck on NCLEX and being an RN!
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    Awesome - Congratulations!! With as hard as these exams have been, the NCLEX-RN should be pretty easy...
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    Great News !!!! Congrats !!!!
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    Congrats!! Did you attend any online/in person workshops??
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    Congrats!! I can not PM you b/c have I have not had 15 posts yet, can you PM me please. I am in the middle of taking classes and would love to speak to you about your resources! Thanks