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medictorninfl32 has 12 years experience and specializes in ER.

Worked as a Medic in an ER for 7 years; on the road for 6 years, tired of the 24 hour shifts and 48 hour shifts and sometimes 60 hour shifts. Loved working the Peds ER and anything cardiac- hopefully when I'm done with school I'll go back to the ER for a little bit and then transfer to the Cath Lab!!

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  1. medictorninfl32

    Nurse refused to give CPR

    I live in Florida- land of the newly wed or nearly dead- with that said- there is an ALF/SNF or a "retirement whatever" on every street and sometime multiple on the same street. When I was working as a medic and got the call for "unconscious/unresponsive" at one of these gems- staff would be performing CPR; sometimes on a patient with a pulse that was responsive, sometime on a pt that really needed it and sometimes on a pt that needed it 6 hours ago. Point is they NEVER withheld CPR if they believed it was necessary. I cannot fathom how a "medical professional" could withhold CPR on a person that needed it- unless there was a DNR. That facility needs to be investigated, and if that "nurse" is really a nurse- there should be consequences for her. Hell, you can't even get a job in the medical field in the state of Fl without being at least BLS certified. And I think there is also more to the story than what is being reported- go figure.
  2. medictorninfl32


    then you should get a date rather quickly :)
  3. medictorninfl32

    Got CPNE Date

    Thanks!! Yea- I applied to all the NPAC sites after I talked to somebody at the school and I was really hoping for November- I gave a Nov. ready test date- I go to ATL in Oct. for Sherri Taylor's workshop! I'll do my best to keep people updated on my studying- I started this past week and I'm already frustrated sooo many little things! I'm breaking it down one thing at a time and doing it that way- we shall see! Good luck to everyone!
  4. medictorninfl32


    depends on what region you apply to- I had a test date in less than a week- Applied Aug. 31, and my CPNE is Dec 7-9 in Albany. I hear you can get a date in the NPAC the quickest
  5. medictorninfl32

    Got CPNE Date

    Submitted my application this past Friday (8/31/12)
  6. medictorninfl32

    Whos attending Sheri Taylors october workshop

    I will be there- just got my confirmation letter today :)
  7. medictorninfl32

    Got CPNE Date

    Got my CPNE date 12-7-12 at St. Peters Hospital in Albany.....can't wait to be done :)
  8. medictorninfl32


    A 74% is good. Helpful hint know your disease/disorders and appropriate RN DX's for each. Notice the "patterns" of the treatment modalities. This exam really puts everything together and the nursing process is imperative! Good luck!
  9. medictorninfl32

    Passed LS2 today

  10. medictorninfl32

    If I take LS3 on 6/26/2012 will I have time?

    Yes it should- just call EC the day after your exam and have your adviser update your transcripts- that's what I was told to do.
  11. medictorninfl32

    Rescheduled LS3-Worried

    Thank you- that help's a lot and yea I have street and ER experience. This is my last exam and I just want to be done already! Thank you again!
  12. medictorninfl32

    Rescheduled LS3-Worried

    Thank you- that's what I'm aiming for- I always go into these tests nervous but somewhat calm and come out thinking I bombed them only to realize I did really well- I believe in self confidence and all but I never want to get cocky- I've seen way too many medics/ nurses get cocky and screw up big time- so I like to walk a fine line :) Thank you all again for the encouragement!!
  13. medictorninfl32

    On to LS3

    I ended up rescheduling for Wednesday- I started freaking out after reading the discussion board on EC website
  14. medictorninfl32

    Rescheduled LS3-Worried

    So- I was going to take my last exam Monday afternoon- but after reading posts on the academic discussion board on Excelsior- I think I freaked myself out- there were just too many posts about people failing this exam 3 times and were on their last shot- even though they had initially done well on EC practice exams and passed all the other tests no problem. I know there is a lot of material to cover but I think I have a grasp on it. I was told by one of the faculty that this test is heavy on the Nursing Process/Management of the pt. specific to the disease- I feel like I know it and that it really is common sense- but..... So I decided to give myself 2 extra days of studying. I haven't been this nervous about any of the other tests and I don't know if it's because it's my last one or if everyone freaked me out or both? SO- if anyone has ANY ADVICE WHAT SO EVER- I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT OR any feedback in general- good/bad or indifferent!
  15. medictorninfl32

    Passed LS2!!

    yes EC practice exams
  16. medictorninfl32

    Yippee!!! Passed Health Differences!

    Congratulations!! :cheers: