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BrillyD has 8 years experience and specializes in Psych-LTC-Home Health.

7/12 Transition (A), Health Safety (A), 8/12 Chronicity (B), 09/12 Reproductive (B)...NCLEX 12/13 PASSED

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  1. BrillyD

    The College Network study guides worth it?

    Use CLEP or Uexcel for Sociology and ALEKS beginning algebra for the math. Check for soc flashcards. For the nursing exams get studygroup101, in my opinion they were better than TCN modules cause everything you could possibly need was i...
  2. BrillyD

    Anyone use Studyguide 101 for fcca?

    the sg101 studyguide looks good, i got it about a month ago and it has video links, quizzes and excercises for assessment and delegation and the other areas. i would recommend getting it a few weeks before so you can practice up beforehand, which is...
  3. BrillyD

    psych pre req question

    you need an intro to psych and a human growth & development/life span development. you can do both as CLEP
  4. BrillyD

    How long did you study for the CPNE?

    Nat - you need to empty your message folder!!
  5. BrillyD

    Excelsior A&P I/II Completion and Tips!

    If you find any wrong answers you should report them so they can be corrected - Kay was very receptive when I reported an error.
  6. BrillyD

    Excelsior College Nursing / LPN to RN / Advice

    I have a friend in a formal, very reputable ADN nursing program, and they are indeed doing care plans. She was just complaining that her first one was 35 pages, but she now has it down to 10. IMHO anyone can click some little boxes on a screen, but...
  7. BrillyD

    Vango notes r.o

    TV commercial for Audible is offering 2 free books right now....
  8. BrillyD

    Passed cpne at grady!

    That's awesome and a real inspiration! Thanks so much for posting - I can see light at the end of the tunnel!!!
  9. Stay clear of the college network!!!
  10. BrillyD

    LPN Bridge programs

    Many LPNs who do Excelsior have been nurses for years and they have plenty of hands on. I know several RNs with degrees from brick and mortor schools who would never be able to pass the EC Clinical - ever! EC's program is reputable, but not easy. ...
  11. BrillyD

    Health Safety

    I apologize if I am starting to sound like an advertisement, I really don't mean to, but studygroup101 has worked really well for me and they have alot of practice questions in their study guides, and they are so inexpensive for the amount of stuff y...
  12. BrillyD

    Advice for sociology and life span psychology

    The CLEP fact sheets have a list of books you can use to study for each exam. Using the list check the library, used book stores, Amazon, eBay for the book - I always check the books to see if they have companion websites that have free quizzes, whi...
  13. BrillyD

    Passed RN Transition!!

    They say that if you write something out 3-4 times you tend to remember it longer - so that is what I do, I write out important points, people, dates etc then recopy them - alot of paper, but it works for me. I have a whole notebook on transtion to ...
  14. BrillyD

    Study Group 101 for ECE A&P

    I usually use sg101, the content guide and an older textbook and I always check out the websites listed in the sg101 studyguide - I look up anything I miss on the quizzes and I'm getting pretty good at breaking down questions to figure out what they ...
  15. BrillyD

    Study Group 101 for ECE A&P

    I've used them for all my exams so far - very helpful IMHO. Also the practice exams and content guide from the college. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be more physio than structural. Good luck!