Passed CPNE today at Northside!!!! - page 3

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Its over, I passed this morning. I passed all the first time thru, no repeats on anything. Awesome experience, stressful to no end, but its over! Time to party! I tested at Northside in Atlanta.... Read More

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    :bowingpur Awesome!!! Congratulations!!
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    Very happy for you success, Nervous1 !!!
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    First, let me say "CONGRATulATIONS" , that is an amazing accomplishment. You should be so proud. Next, how did you prepare? DId you take a workshop, if so, where? I am testing in 3 weeks and have a huge following from my job that will be joining excelsior if I pass first time through. The coworkers are all afraid of Excelsior due to so many bad complaints about them failing people for no reason....anyway I study hard and have been preparing with online workshop and will be doing hands on workshop in 2 weeks with Sheri Taylor.
    Any advice on keeping my nerves calm will help. How did you stay calm and not shaky??