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  1. mrstookielpn


    Lol! You will do fine, good luck!
  2. mrstookielpn

    Excelsior CPNE workshop vs. Sherri Taylor

    WOW! If you felt this strongly, why did you give them a second $2k? And "put in jeopardy our society"? I can honestly say that ALL of the EC grads I know are phenomenal nurses, I wouldn't have wasted my time/money otherwise. Just my 1.5¢
  3. mrstookielpn

    Excelsior College offering online college courses!

    Now that would be great!
  4. mrstookielpn

    Vango notes r.o

    Im not sure if you are planning to purchase through audible or iTunes; but for some reason iTunes doesn't have the chapters listed individually, audible does (tho they are a bit more expensive through audible.com) so you will be able to maneuver through the series better. Hope that made sense.
  5. mrstookielpn

    Vango notes r.o

    From what I can tell the medical surgical vangonotes cover all the systems, so they should be helpful to you. I haven't started LS3 yet so I'm not sure about the content for that one.
  6. mrstookielpn

    Vango notes r.o

    The medical-surgical vangonotes cover all the systems, So they should be helpful. (I haven't started LS3 so I'm not sure what the content is)
  7. mrstookielpn

    Vango notes r.o

  8. mrstookielpn

    LPN to BSN online with financial aid.

    Even with the increase in fees I am still paying quite a bit less than my local community college. I think it all depends on your location.
  9. mrstookielpn

    Excelsior LPN to RN/ almost to CPNE

    Same here! Ls3 & 3... Just can't get into studying as I have a LOT going on in my home right now. I'm so close, trying to stay focused. Good luck all!
  10. mrstookielpn

    passed LS1

    Congrats, AbellardLPN!
  11. mrstookielpn

    January FCCA

    I'm not taking the January fcca but will be in the March line up.... I probably won't take them both together. Are you?
  12. mrstookielpn

    January FCCA

    Good luck to all who are starting the fcca this month. Happy studying!
  13. mrstookielpn

    Passed Lifespan 1

    I used the recommended books to look up each disorder and made index cards (five by eight). I listed the disorder, causes, clinicals manifestations (s/s), how the disorder is diagnosed (including abnormal labs), treatment (medial and nursing), and nursing interventions. I carried these cards EVERYWHERE! I also used the practice exams. If there was anything I didn't fully grasp I turned to google. Good luck and happy studying!!!
  14. mrstookielpn

    Chancellors CPNE workshop

    Glad to hear this. The website says "under new management", I hope that the integrity of the workshop still stands. I have heard great things about the workshop before the "change".