Need Excelsior CPNE Advice Please!!!

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    Hey all you super nurses and super nursing students out there! I am awaiting the CPNE exam the last weekend in Jan and I heard of a "grid" out there that is taught at the CPNE workshop. My friend said it was great but she can't find it. Does anyone have this and want to share it with me? Also, I am taking the test in Amarillo, Tx. I would appreciate any advice, study hints, really anything you have to offer concerning passing this test. Thanks so much for your time. JAndrew

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    Keep searching because the grid is an excellent way to stay organized and not forget any steps during your CPNE.
    Maybe a current or recent grad can respond to this better than I can.
    Unfortunately, it's been a couple of years since I've taken the CPNE so it's getting a little fuzzy at this point.
    I remember that you turn your PCS form over and use the blank back page as your grid. You draw lines and divide the paper into 6 or 8 squares.
    You use your pneumonics here and write them in the squares for each area of care. The first square in the upper left, you write your pneumonic that helps you to remember to wash your hands, greet you patient, ID your patient, etc. and then check each thing off as you do it because I can tell you from experience, as the CPNE progresses, you are going to forget what you've already done, so if you think you may have not done something, look at your grid and see if you've checked it off.
    The second square moving right is your 20 minute checks square. These are the things that must be done within the first 20 minutes of the PCS like checking a drip rate on an IV, checking an IV site, etc.
    The remaining squares are for your selected areas of care like Respiratory management, meds, comfort management, etc.
    Hope that at least gives you an idea.
    The EC workshop does a great job of teaching the grid and great pneumonics to remember the CE's.
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    If you PM me your email addy, I will send you the grid plan I used. It might not make much sense until you get far enough into your CPNE study manual to be doing the practice sheets, though.
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    If you PM me your email addy, I will send you the grid plan I used. It might not make much sense until you get far enough into your CPNE study manual to be doing the practice sheets, though.
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    Hi there. Please send me a private message (PM) and I will give you my email addy in the PM. Thank you so much for you time and help, Jennifer
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    I sent you an email (saw the email addy) with the stuff attached. Good luck to you!
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    Would you also be so kind to send them to me too?? I am testing next month and I am done reading over the CPNE study guide and I am about to start commiting to memory the critical elements.

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    Question about the grid. I've heard it said to know your grid. I am working on mine for all areas of comes out to about 24 squares, typed. Am I not allowed to take my completed sheet to the CPNE and use it there. Or does it mean I better memorize the GRID because I will have to rewrite ( on areas of care) given to me during the PCS? Thanks Jackie
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    Yes, you must memorize it. You are not allowed to bring anything with critical elements on it to the hospital. they can fail you for it, they consider it academic dishonesty.
    if you consistently review your critical elements every day, you will memorize them. it took me almost 6 weeks to FULLY memorize mine. i have 19 mnemonics for my critical elements.
    i do have mine typed onto a grid, but the one thing i also did is to write them out onto index cards that are bound together by a spiral. i wrote my mnemonics onto it, and brought it everywhere (it's just 3X5) with me.

    the other thing i did, is write them all out as much as i could, but at least once a day. i tried to do as much from memory every day, and eventually i could remember them all. it does take time.

    i practiced them at work, and i made up my own little lab in my guest room. i was allowed to borrow an IV pole, and supplies from work, even some outdated iv bags from pharmacy. plus i had the skills bag. i practice on dolls, my kids, a couple friends who are RN's. i made people watch me to get the "feel" of someone watching my every move. i still had to deal with the anxiety at the test site. it really does shake you up.

    oh, and look for my mail later today, oK???
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    Thanks Rehab nurse,

    Index cards are a great idea. I have a few more boxes to fill. It took me 2 whole days to complete the ones i have. Wanted it to work for me and my brain. Anyway when done;;; I plan to try and practice the CEs at work with my patients. I think that is the one thing that gets us LPN/LVN types with years of practice. We have our routines at work on how to do things to get the work done. A days work is not always step 1-2-and 3 in the real world. I will have to retrain myself. I'll check my email. Thanks Jackie

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