Microbiology Exam

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    Just passed my Microbiology exam!!!!!! Only got a "C" though.
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    But ... you passed! Not an easy exam, either. Congrats!!!
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    Thanks. It was a lot harder than ppl said it was going to be. I am moving on to A&P now. This content guide looks herendous!!!! LOL!! I took about 4 weeks for micro but I may take 5 for A&P... not sure yet. We will see how it goes.
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    You did it! Just keep on rolling now! Don't focus on that C! It's behind you! You're goal is your next exam and an A!!! I'm happy for you!!!
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    Congratulations on passing! Micro REALLY bites if you're not a biology person. It KILLED me and how I managed a C was a miracle. Good luck with A&P. I actually did the reverse by taking A&P first and took less time to study for it. I managed a B on that one, I guess because it skimmed a little bit of knowledge from my LPN background. Either that or it may be the that something actually stuck from many times that I dropped the class in a community college. LOL!

    Again, good luck to you and keep it moving!!
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    Wonderful-Congrats!! I'm taking transitions next Fri then on to Micro-And although I would love an A- I'd be thrilled to pass with a C :0)
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    Congrats! I am studying micro now...ughh lol!
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    CONGRATULATIONS!! I am about to start studying for this. I'm nervous because it's my first exam with EC