LPN to RN bridge through Excelsior

  1. Hello all,

    I know there are many threads containing information about the Excelsior online LPN to RN bridge program. I am creating a new thread because I could not find answers to a few of my questions. Background information about me: I have worked as a Patient Care Technician for 5 years at a Dialysis clinic, worked as a CNA for one year at a long-term care facility, and I will graduate with my LPN in March. I decided to go the LPN route because I found a program I could start right away and finish in a years time. My plan was to start the Excelsior program as soon as I pass my PNCLEX and finish with my RN in 6 months. Do you think this goal is attainable? I am planning on not working and spending all of my time studying. Has anyone out there done this program in a similar time frame? Also, is it true there is still a HUGE waiting list to take the CPNE? My only other option is to go to a local CC but I would not be able to start that bridge program (if accepted) for 9 months after graduating with my LPN and the program is a year in duration. So I need some help making a decision without any sugar-coating. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  3. by   Pixie.RN
    I think 6 months is a bit unrealistic, but it depends on how many other college credits/classes you might have already -- Microbiology, A&P, social sciences, math, English, humanities, etc. There is more to EC's RN program than just the nursing courses.

    There is still a bit of a wait for the CPNE, yes, but you could probably get there within 3 months. How quickly you can pass the other exams to become CPNE-eligible will depend on how well you do with self-study.

    I would recommend focusing on your LPN program and passing your NCLEX, then submitting your application to EC to see exactly what they'll require. You can take non-nursing courses and a couple of the nursing exams without actually enrolling, so maybe give the first nursing exam (Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Safety) a try and see how you do.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Nervous1
    I agree with Lunah that 6 months is a little unrealistic but if I pass my last exam on Dec 10 I will be at the 5 month mark for all of the nursing exams, BUT I started in January getting all of the prereq work out of the way and I accumulated 50+credits from Jan - July in pre-req work. I think a year is doable but not 6 months with the amount of pre-reqs needed.

    The wait for CPNE is about 2-3 month in NPAC the last I heard and you really need 2 months to prepare for it.

    Focus on your LPN now and look into the pre-reqs you will need and see if you can CLEP some of them now or as you near the end of your program.
  5. by   phaedra
    I am in that process. I started working on the excelsior pre-reqs before i finished my lpn last spring--and i am now working on the core nursing classes. I am working full time (and overtime) at a SNF as an LPN. I am relatively certain my RN nursing coursework and testing will be finished before six months is up. I will then gladly await my CPNE date. I plan on going through all the supplemental training and material. I am also going to get the Kaplan RN-NCLEX test prep program. I had their PN-NCLEX program and I finished the exam in about 20 minutes (and I passed 1st attempt).
    If I can do it so can you. Especially if you are not working. I only had to do three pre-req's for Excelsior. I transferred almost everything.
    Go for it. Best of luck! The only limitations you have are those you believe in.
  6. by   Compassionate62
    I'm totally confused regarding Excelsior. I am under the impression that the only way to take the LPN to RN bridge program was through College Network. Earlier I went directly to Excelsior's website and looked through the costs, programs, etc.. I didn't find a bridge program for LPN to RN. Just the ADN. I'm taking the NCLEX for my LPN within the next couple of months. I'm eligible for FAFSA/Pell Grant & student loans. And have to rely on those for online schooling. Any advice/answers to my confusion are greatly appreciated! Thanks~
  7. by   KassieLPN2RN
    Excelsior's ADN program is a bridge - you must be an LPN or paramedic or tech of some sort. Download the nursing catalog from EC website, it explains the program pretty well. You should go directly through EC for your degree. College network is just a middleman publishing company - they publish study modules for the EC exams - you really don't need to pay that kind of money to do the program. You will send your application and transcripts and EC will evaluate them and let you know the courses you need to complete. Some of the pre-reqs can be taken as CLEP DSST or UExcel exams - which are much cheaper.
  8. by   EverNurseRN
    ADN is an associates degree in nursing...you can take the NCLEX RN with the degree. Unfortunately, no pell grants or government loans can be used since it is online
  9. by   gypsynurse
    20 yrs ago, I carried around the Regents college distance ADN RN learning booklet... I still have the crazy thing. I am finally going to do it !!! Hoped to do it fast... but working too, Thinking I may still do Regents/Excelsior. Have Fl LPN, and living in Canada, any suggestions,.... ? anyone else doing it same way ? I am not giving up !!!
  10. by   BarbaraNM
    Hey Gypsy..you sound like me!! When I first looked at the program, it was Regents. I started taking pre reqs and then life got in the way. With the new requirements taking effect Oct 1, it is now or never!! I am trying to complete as much as I can before mid Sept then enroll before Oct 1. Good luck to you! It is never too late (unless we wait until Oct 2!!)
  11. by   gypsynurse
    Wow, I have no idea what I need and no idea what it will take.. yes Barbara, sounds the same, life got in the way ! in Fl have my LPN, and in Ont Can have my RPN, ( pretty much same thing). Have been working in Hosp (sm comm hosp, and then teaching for our local college for past 7yrs. I only got a psych in for my prereqs... so I am not sure what is happening, in Oct or what that means for the Exc ? OH oh...... am I in trouble now >?
  12. by   BarbaraNM
    hi gypsy...

    what i meant by the oct 1 deadline... they are changing the requirements for students enrolled after that date. this is from excelsior's website:

    "changes to the associate degree in nursing program requirements. as of october 1, 2012, future students will no longer be able to take "nurx 104 essentials of nursing care: health safety" prior to enrollment.
    • the anatomy and physiology and the microbiology requirements will be accepted toward the associate degree in nursing if they were completed no more than five years prior to the date of enrollment and meet the content requirements as outlined in the current nursing catalog.
    • the anatomy and physiology and the microbiology requirements must be completed before registering for associate degree in nursing theory examinations with the exception of the transition to the registered professional nurse role examination.
    anatomy, physiology and microbiology courses generally are acceptable for transfer if they are degree level, include all major body systems, and meet the minimal requirements required for an associate degree in nursing program."


    "school of nursing general education credit limitation. the school of nursing limits the acceptance of credit from the national college credit recommendation service (national ccrs) and the american council on education (ace) to 25% of the general education component towards the nursing degree requirements. no credit from these sources will be accepted for core requirements. acceptance of credit earned from military training, clep, and dantes examinations will not be limited.
    this policy will affect all students enrolled on or after october 1, 2012.
    a maximum of 7 credits from these sources can apply to the associate degrees in nursing programs and a maximum of 15 credits can apply to the bachelor of science in nursing degree and the rn to master of science in nursing."

    so... what i meant by now or never... some of my sciences are 5+ years old, so if i don't enroll by oct 1, i will lose the chance, because i don't want to take them over!!

    if you haven't already done so, i would encourage you to apply. you will need official transcripts from all of your prior classes. the application fee is $80 for a preliminary review of your credits. it take 3-5 weeks to get it back.

    good luck!
  13. by   gypsynurse
    Oh, good grief,.... ! I am no where near any of that.... I am just starting out again..... I have my LPN, in Florida, and my RPN , here in Canada, and it is a long road I guess... ! but I want to start it NOW ! all of that info sounds like a foreign language... maybe, just tired from work.... lol.... I have no prereq's, not sure if Excelsior is the right fit for me,.... but was going to finally give it a shot... will go anywhere at this point !

  14. by   BarbaraNM

    Here is the Degree Chart for the AS and AAS degrees:


    Look over ALL your past credits, for the Nursing classes you have taken in FL and Canada... I'll bet you've got some of the General Education requirements!

    Next step is to apply, after requesting official transcripts from past schools.

    Good luck!!