Just passed health & safety!!!!!!!

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    Just passed health and safety....only got a C but I thought I failed it!!! I will be taking transitions in a few weeks.

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    Congratulations! Hey C is passing..
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    Congrats schedule 2 take n 2 weeks any pointer.
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    Congrats and Good Luck on Transitions!!
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    Quote from BLAKEY2005
    Congrats schedule 2 take n 2 weeks any pointer.
    Thanks ladies.....I don't know. It was a lot of critical thinking......I had to guess on a lot of them....I thought I failed. Some questions were harder than others....a lot of ppl say it is a lot of common sense....idk...maybe I didn't get the same test as them. Just go over eveything I guess. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    congrat what are the material you used for the health safety because am trying to retake in a month
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    i did the recommended readings and use stugygroup 101, lisa arends and rn bridge. just pass 4 days ago on to transitional.
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    Congrats! I'm preparing for H&S right now and I have the recommended text and just purchased Lisa Arends notes, but noticed that the book she used is not the same as the one thats recommened for this year. Did you still use Lisa Arends notes? Was it helpful in anyway for the exam? Thanx!
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    I used it as a supplement after i did the recommended read i was helpful but studygroup was better because it gave u alot more questions.

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