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Information Literacy

  1. 0 I am about to register for this class. However I do remember someone talking about a class that excelsior is accepting that is cheaper. Does anyone know what class that is? And if not does anyone know if there is a book that has to be bought for this class?
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    Penn Foster but I don't think they accept it anymore (unless you enrolled b4 Oct 1, 2012)
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    Got word today from advisor that they do not accept Penn Foster information literacy course. If you find something else let me know, I am interested
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    That sucks! i took it thru penn foster as well didnt know they changed it.
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    The change went into effect on Jan 1, 2013 when Penn Foster originally had a delay in approval for ACE credits. Apparently Excelsior took a second look and found it was inadequate for the requirement. Right now the only option is Excelsior's class... There are few other schools that offer the course as most schools include the requirement in their major curriculum. My undergrad program for a different major included the info lit requirement in the major class "research methods". My local CC includes the requirement in various major classes instead as a separate class for any major.
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    Wat exactly information literacy about? Is it hard, is there any exam
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    Quote from OnlineSNA
    Wat exactly information literacy about? Is it hard, is there any exam
    Here is the course description :

    Course Details: INL-102
    Course Title: Information Literacy
    An online self-paced course providing a broad overview of information literacy concepts. Introduces skills for locating, using, and evaluating various information resources, as well as discussing the legal and ethical uses of information. Students take five quizzes to help learn course content, and a Pass/Fail grade is determined by the final examination.
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    Quote from OnlineSNA
    Wat exactly information literacy about? Is it hard, is there any exam
    It's easy - you shouldn't have any problem passing it.
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    I know a few ppl that took it and they said it was so easy. They said they did it in one day.
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    I took it in 2 days. You can do it in less than a day. Best wishes.
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    Not bad at all. You are able to go back to the modules during the final. However know where to look information up quickly if need be bc you can lose time doing so if you don't already know the answers. Other than that it's easy. I finished all 5 quizzes in one sitting and did the final before the end date. Good luck!
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    That's great nursemami!! You are one smart mami!! LOL! I thought it was an 8 week course though??