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    Quote from natnat122
    Omg great I thought it HAD to be for months on end! uM. would you mind telling me if you passed your first go around?
    Yep! Sure did. About 6 weeks ago.
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    The workshop in Atlanta is the place to go, would not have done it without it even tho I had been an LPN for 18 years. worth every penny! I also set up a lab on my house and practiced every day. prob an hour a day for 6 wks. Bought the video which was very helpful. Good luck to you!!!!
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    I studied for about 3 months, practiced every day in my at home lab, went to Sheri Taylor's seminar in Atlanta, passed the first time, no repeats.
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    Studied for a little over 3 months for 15-20 hrs/week. Had a sim lab in my living room, did Sheri Taylor online, submitted all 3 PCSs to the name it, I probably did it. Didn't pass my first time. Second time I am doing a three week intensive review including the Ec NCP conference (though I didn't fail on care planning).

    It blows my mind that people can pass after only a few weeks of prep. That's amazing!
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    Quote from tnmarie
    It blows my mind that people can pass after only a few weeks of prep. That's amazing!
    I know right! Hopefully I'm one of those people
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    Nat - you need to empty your message folder!!
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    Quote from BrillyD
    Nat - you need to empty your message folder!!
    Just did! Thanks!
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    Please don't think you can grasp the CPNE in a month or less ... bad idea & a waste of your money. In my opinon you should take about 3 months to study ... take the online conferences offered by EC in documention & careplanning, they are VERY helpful !! And give yourself the time to go over all that is involved with the CPNE. Writing a "grid" is great but you have to be able to pull that information out of memory (you won't have the time to keep looking at your "grid" ... 2 1/2 hrs seems like A lot of time, I know ... but it goes by sooo fast). My advice is to give yourself time to truly embrace all that will be expected in your CPNE, set up lab stations, practice on friends/family/or a blow up doll :-). Don't think this is "easy" because it MOST certainly is NOT ... it is harder than it ever was, so past testers giving advice may not know how HARD it is, now ... they could a"risk for dx" in planning, not Anymore !! PLEASE take an EC documentation & NCP online conference !!! Wishing everyone lots of luck & hoping we all see our dreams come true !!!
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    I am taking the EC NCP conference now and even though I took Sheri Taylor, I would recommend it as well as Sheri Taylor. I have learned a ton, even though I passed my care plans at the CPNE. Sheri definitely missed some key points when reviewing care plans AND you can see everyone's graded care plans with the EC course (immensely helpful, imo).

    I also agree that studying for less than three months sounds crazy. However, I also get blasted because I was able to complete my ECEs so fast. Some people learn faster than others and we shouldn't blast those who learn faster than us. That said, the number of people who can pass the CPNE with less than a month prep are probably very few and very experienced in acute care (or have a former CE training them ;-). It's a lot of money to lose if you are wrong.
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    Put it this way study, study, study, practice, practice and practice until you know it word for word and technique per technique. Set up a lab in your home take a practice clinical and give yourself plenty time. Practice any way to alliviate stress that could harm you. Took mine 12 years ago in GA passed on the first try. Good luck
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