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phdeha777456 has 41 years experience and specializes in psy.

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  1. phdeha777456

    Shift Differental

    Hi all do your facility offer a difference in shift differential for evening and night shift. My facility pays evening shift more than night shift. I think this is unfair at least the same rate, yes evenings takes away the majority of your evening with family but you sleep at night. Day shift nurses get the shift diff on the weekend they work, well night shift and evening shift also work the weekends but does not get any extra.
  2. phdeha777456

    Night Shift Woes...When Do You Sleep On Your Days Off????

    For 35 years I have been working permanent night shift sounds like a very long time sometimes I can't believe it myself. I work 11:30pm-8:00am when I get home around 8:30-9:00am I usually go to be around 9:30am and sleep until around 12noon. I go back to sleep between 6pm-7pm awake around 10:15pm. When I am off I take a 2 hour nap when I get home and around 10pm I go to bed sleeping all night. I have noticed that my peers would sleep most of the day and still have problems remaining awake at night along with no energy when they are home. This has worked for me hope to retire in about 10 years I have raised two kids my husband and myself working nights. I wish you well and hope this may help sometimes sleeping to much may not work space your sleeping time. I brought blackout curtains along with black sheets I applied this works wonders.
  3. This article is excellent taking me back to 2001 after completing my CPNE it sounds almost like a carbon copy of my experience. I wish everyone the best in their endeavors put your heart and mind into the CPNE and you will make it.
  4. phdeha777456

    Disappointed, frustrated and slowly loosing my courage

    I feel your pain please keep up the fight I know at times it appears hopeless but do not give up. Have you checked into the Excelsior program I do not know what state you are from but look into it I am an Excelsior graduate due to working full time and taking care of my family along with my husband who is disabled I preserved. That was 13 years ago so keep up the faith may god bless you.
  5. phdeha777456

    How long did you study for the CPNE?

    Put it this way study, study, study, practice, practice and practice until you know it word for word and technique per technique. Set up a lab in your home take a practice clinical and give yourself plenty time. Practice any way to alliviate stress that could harm you. Took mine 12 years ago in GA passed on the first try. Good luck
  6. phdeha777456

    Am I Babysitting or Supervising?

    I applaud you for your tenacity in your efforts and your final departure my heart goes out to the patients because we are their voice and their life. If we do not have strong leaders in all facilities this will continue to happen as you know it starts from the top to trickle down to the bottom. I wish you well thoughout your carrer hopefully pulling from this experiece to help you in your next job assignment.
  7. phdeha777456

    Passed CPNE in Albany (AMC) 1/17, No Retakes!

    Way to go:yeah:it brings back memories of my clinical in 2001 in Georgia I felt the same way I felt the atmosphere was inducive to us and supported all of us passing. Good luck with broads you will ace them:yeah:
  8. phdeha777456

    A Lesson well learned "One size does not fit all"

    That is awsome yes by all means please share this with your class and let me know their response. Psy nursing is so rewarding its experiences like this that has motivated and helped me grow over the years.
  9. phdeha777456

    what do you do while sitting with the elderly?

    When preparing for your next assignment one good thing to do is find out everything you can about the patient prior to the assisgnment, what the family expect, what are the patients likes and dislikes. Take your time when bathing, dressing and use it as a means of communication with the patient you can get to know alot about them during these intimate times. Find out what the patient has done or will like to do for pleasure example, special TV shows (looking at old TV or movie shows), knitting, reading. Let your nurse manager know of the problems with your last case and get advise from her. I know taking care of patients in their homes is trying and can feel like an intrusion for you and the family but being up front with the family and the patient may help calm the stress. Move on and don't let one case get you down learn and grow from this experience, it will ease up as time goes on. I wish you well hang in there
  10. phdeha777456

    Much Older People Going Into Nursing

    I know what you mean I hope that if I am able and willing that I will still be nursing at 72 how awsome, these are the nurses who should be applaued.:yeah::bowingpur
  11. phdeha777456

    Much Older People Going Into Nursing

    I remember when I was around 20 and the first supervisor I had was about 60 my first thought was how in the world was this lady able to do all that she did. This lady could work circles around us all and the more I worked with her the more I knew in all I do I wanted to be just like her. Well I am now 51 and have modeled my self after my wonderful mentor and yes you remain energic, knowledgeable and just keep on truckingI have just competed my BSN and continue as a night shift manager. The saying goes you are only as young as you feel, I'm not sure of your age but I am confident that years from now you will be saying the same thing and some one younger will wonder how in the world is that lady able to do all that she does.
  12. phdeha777456

    Nurses who work for the state

    That sounds great, I love my job but I feel a little shakey with the budget cuts I live in VA and I know as an RN it will not be hard to find a job but not like the one I have. Good luck
  13. phdeha777456

    Nurses who work for the state

    Hi are there any nurses out there who work for their state. Well if you do are any of you experiencing budget cuts that may effect your jobs? I am and it is causing a lot of hardships, a part of you wonder should you leave for better pay raises or stay because of longivity? Torn
  14. Working in a Geriatric Psychiatric Hospital, a lot of our patients are awake at night which requires the staff to do a lot of interactions with them to help promote sleep. This particular night, my lady was awake at the beginning of my shift, loudly talking and pacing in her room; unsafely preventing her roommate from sleeping. We questioned her as to what was wrong and what could we do for her, we were unable to pinpoint what was wrong therefore a staff member was assigned to stay with her until she calmed herself or went to sleep, Unfortunately, this did not work. She was adamant that she wanted to walk up and down the hall. We decided that maybe this may relieve some of her anxiety. Due to her unsteady gait, we applied a gait belt as it is recommended by PT or all patients that may have unsteady gaits or difficulty transferring. The belts are applied around the patients' waist while the staff js positioned close near the patient so they are able to grasp the belt if needed as a means to provide safety for the patient. After applying the gait belt she let out a piercing scream and began to cry...... her reaction stunned us all causing an instant pause. Tearfully she pleaded for us to take the belt off and began telling us how as a child her father would beat her with a belt then use the belt to tie her to a boiler while he played cards and drank with his friends.... it made her feel just like a dog. We immediately removed the belt and walked her to her bedroom. She continued to cry repeating over and over how she could not believe this is happening again. After assisting her to bed we sat with her for a while, looking up at us but not focusing on us, she began to say how much she loved her father but could not understand why he did this to her. She recalled her mother telling her how her fathers' drinking was the reason he did these things and he did not mean to do it. Listening to her story saddened all of us. There was not a dry eye in the room after her revelation. She looked at each of us and proceeded to tell us how she thought she had gotten over it and really she felt she should have but when we put the belt around her it brought back those painful memories she thought she had long ago tried to forget. Noticeably calmer now, as she lay in her bed just as we about to leave her side speaking in a soft voice, she wanted us to know that it was not our fault she failed to tell anyone what had happened to her.... it was just too painful but next time please listen when someone is trying to tell you something. Even though we were not aware of the traumatic experience she had, we should have realized that something was wrong. We must not only take the time to listen but listen with empathy and compassion using all of our senses to be able to individualize patient situations as they arise. She was referred to our Psychologist who scheduled weekly counseling sessions. All staff were alerted to the non use of a gait belt for her. This was one lesson well learned and will forever have an impact on us. As for my self, I will never forget this incident and it has encouraged me to look at my patients differently. I will from now on ask more questions, pay more attention to changes in behavior and focus on body language. There are times that small things are overlooked when you are very busy and or dealing with difficult patients. That saying "One size fits all" when it comes to Psychiatric nursing should be "One size does not fit all". Phyllis