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  1. Good morning every body ,

    To make it short , I am planning to start my own homecare business and it will be based in conducting and providing skilled nursing care at patients homes .

    I am thinking to start it in state of Texas either in Austin or Houston cities , actually I have minimal expose to this business , but as a registered nurse and I have state of Texas RN license and at the same time I have saved some money which I believe it could help in establishing and supporting this business for about one year till I get enough patients .

    So please if any one of you has experience in such kind of business or even knows some one who already practicing in this field I am welcoming any positive or even negative inputs .

    You can feel free in discussing your ideas about the business plan , Medicare & Medicaid insurances and its claiming , the cost of running the homecare business over one year of time approximately and is more profitable to start it to serve patients in big cities or visiting patients who are living in country side ?

    Any of your ideas or information for sure will be appreciated .
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  3. by   fly_heart
    Any body can give me any advices ?
  4. by   elkpark
    Have you already talked to the state licensing agency and gotten a copy of the rules and regulations which apply to the type of business you wish to open? What kind of state license or permit will you need to get, and what hoops do you need to jump through to get that?

    Best wishes.
  5. by   fly_heart
    thanks elkpark ,
    Actually I have some idea about the state license requirements and regulations regarding starting up a new home health care organization , but still I am looking to get some feedbacks from such business owners or even from nurses who are working in such facilities .

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