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  1. Nurses from an artistic/creative background?

    Bumping this thread. I've been a nurse since 1992. I've gotten back into art these last couple years and currently researching how to put Art and Nursing together. I'm a com.college school nurse and also teaching paint parties. I found painting very ...
  2. Art Therapy

    Is anyone pursuing this niche? Where did you go to learn? How did you start "coaching"?
  3. Health/wellness coaching

    Hi! I'm working toward an art therapy coaching niche, something I don't even see mentioned on here yet. I have an art background and have been trying to figure out how to marry Art with Nursing. I'm currently a campus nurse at a college and have real...
  4. Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    Hi Angel_11, Honestly, because this business has not taken off after 18+mos., I have decided to close it in June. It has been way to expensive here in CA for me to continue, having had the same 2 clients for the past 7 mos. and no more. My communit...
  5. Will marijuana ever be okay in nursing?

    There are many more options than "smoking" that are found to be very beneficial.
  6. Medical marijuana, role of the nurse, professional organization

    Muser69, Did the dispensary actually have the position available for an RN? That's what I'm looking for but not finding.
  7. Nurses and Network Marketing

    How exactly are you involved with MLM? I'm really intrigued and interested in connecting. I have a 1 yr old home care biz that is pathetically slow and trying to decide whether to close or switch it up.
  8. Is there a need for this?

    Approve me over there please!
  9. Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    How is your business going? Did it get off the ground? I started one this year and so far it's slow.
  10. Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    Hi! I started a home care business in January. It has been pretty slow from the start but it seems to be slightly picking up. I provide non-medical companion and personal care to seniors in California. There are lots of regulations so it have a a...
  11. Is there a need for this?

    Hey Alex! Count me in too!
  12. Homecare business setup

    Hi! I started a non-medical home care business Jan. '17 and to be honest, it has been very slow-going. I only have a handful of clients and am finding that payroll taxes, liability insurance, workers comp, and simply getting someone hired and employa...