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  1. JulsGirlBoss

    Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    Hi Angel_11, Honestly, because this business has not taken off after 18+mos., I have decided to close it in June. It has been way to expensive here in CA for me to continue, having had the same 2 clients for the past 7 mos. and no more. My community just can't support this since it now seems that most of the seniors here in the Central Valley are on gov. assistance and cannot afford care. There is a lot of private care here which costs a lot less. It is very sad as there is no other agency here in town or within 45 min. The state has raised the licensure fee $500 and I can't afford $5600. Payroll taxes are also awful. Make sure you do your research. Depending on where you are at, it could be a very lucrative business! I have a great scheduling system that was pretty expensive but so worth it. Quickbooks cost money for bookkeeping but makes things very easy. Advertising costs $$ as well (newspaper and Facebook) and to keep some costs down, I went to all the churches, hospital, rehab, hair salons, doctors, PT, chiropractic, social workers, and lawyers in town to distribute a folder of info. I only received 4 clients from all that marketing. Neither are my current clients. Other factors involved in start up are your phone service(I used an Ooma phone - internet based), website, your liability insurance, surety bond, and workers comp ($$$). And hiring costs a fair amount to be considered as well: I spend around $150 per person which includes finger printing, drug screen, TB test, and uniform, not to mention supplies, paperwork, locking file cabinet, etc. The license app itself is about a 20 page app and must include your paid insurance, w.c., LLC, policies/procedures, etc. I got my biz name from my cousin in MI and am paying her for the use of the name. MI has no regulations at this time so it was tons easier for her to get going. She's got a great business going! But it has been an incredible learning experience and I wouldn't have changed a thing! It was a big risk and I wouldn't have known if it would fly, had I never tried. So, if you still have questions, feel free to email me :) Julie juliesellinrn@gmail.com
  2. JulsGirlBoss

    Will marijuana ever be okay in nursing?

    There are many more options than "smoking" that are found to be very beneficial.
  3. Muser69, Did the dispensary actually have the position available for an RN? That's what I'm looking for but not finding.
  4. JulsGirlBoss

    Nurses and Network Marketing

    How exactly are you involved with MLM? I'm really intrigued and interested in connecting. I have a 1 yr old home care biz that is pathetically slow and trying to decide whether to close or switch it up.
  5. JulsGirlBoss

    Is there a need for this?

    Approve me over there please!
  6. JulsGirlBoss

    Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    How is your business going? Did it get off the ground? I started one this year and so far it's slow.
  7. JulsGirlBoss

    Nurse Entrepreneur Roll Call!

    Hi! I started a home care business in January. It has been pretty slow from the start but it seems to be slightly picking up. I provide non-medical companion and personal care to seniors in California. There are lots of regulations so it have a a little difficult finding my way through liability insurance, workers comp, payroll taxes, etc. I have learned a TON, I just hope 2018 is the year I can earn a paycheck! LOL I am paying for the name through my cousin but plan to make my own brand when the contract is done in a couple years. Anyone else doing this?
  8. JulsGirlBoss

    Is there a need for this?

    Hey Alex! Count me in too!
  9. JulsGirlBoss

    Homecare business setup

    Hi! I started a non-medical home care business Jan. '17 and to be honest, it has been very slow-going. I only have a handful of clients and am finding that payroll taxes, liability insurance, workers comp, and simply getting someone hired and employable is expensive! Here in California anyway. I enjoy being my own boss and I have 11 employees but it's very difficult to keep people billable with only 4 or 5 clients - and I have no competition except for private, non-certified caregivers that will work for a lot less money than what I charge as an agency. Advertising is quite costly but I have tried several avenues. Facebook is easiest for me. I'd be happy to give you some info but do start with your city and state, find out all regulations. Expect to learn some things the hard way! I have decided that if this business doesn't pick up in 1 year - when its time to renew my state license for $5165 - I will close and find something else. Feel free to email me: julie.sellin@peaceathomecaregiverslb.com