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fly_heart has 12 years experience and specializes in medical - surgical.

RN working in United Arab Emirates , with 12 years experience in medical & surgical + cardiology .

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  1. Healthsouth/Encompass

    Any idea if the new merge between healthsouth and encompass is good for the employees ? what changes has occurred if any ?
  2. Renewing my license with the new MiPlus

    First you have to login your account , then chose the icon for apply for licensure . In that option first page you will find two option the first is to apply for new licensure and the other one (link the licence ) so chose this option and go ahead an...
  3. Renewing my license with the new MiPlus

    Good morning, Update , finally I made it and I could renew my RN license , every thing depends on the license renewal letter which has to be mailed to you by Michigan LARA , just check your mail and if its not there you have to contact them . Actual...
  4. RN pin number

    Thanks , yes I just got it by mail . I guess as I am international nurse it took more time , or just because my local mail office forgot to send me a notification message .
  5. RN pin number

    Good morning , I want to ask how to get the RN license pin number , as I heard the new miplus system needs it in order to renew my Michigan state license ?
  6. I am international nurse and soon I will be moving to work as RN in Houston TX Thats why i need to have a nurses friends who could help me with there advices or even needed instructions for this life change challenge , as you know a lot of life diffe...
  7. Renewing my license with the new MiPlus

    Hi guys I am soon due for renewing my RN license , I tried to link my license to miplus account bit unfortunately I could not do that and more over there is no icon.which could help me to link the license to my account . Any help will be highly appre...
  8. Homecare business setup

    Thanks dear , for sure I am going to send you an email with some inquiries :)
  9. Homecare business setup

    If you are interested you can send me your email in private message to share ideas ..
  10. Homecare business setup

    may be its easier to start this business in your state ?
  11. Homecare business setup

    that is great , can we contact in order to share our opinions and ideas ?
  12. Homecare business setup

    thanks elkpark , Actually I have some idea about the state license requirements and regulations regarding starting up a new home health care organization , but still I am looking to get some feedbacks from such business owners or even from nurses who...
  13. Homecare business setup

    Any body can give me any advices ?
  14. Homecare business setup

    Good morning every body , To make it short , I am planning to start my own homecare business and it will be based in conducting and providing skilled nursing care at patients homes . I am thinking to start it in state of Texas either in Austin or Hou...
  15. Direct Hire Nurses

    Is there any US hospital directly hiring international nurses ? I am living in UAE - Dubai .