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    I like to start up my own home health business in Northern Virginia and my main focus is to care for veterans first. Can anyone give me some pointers like the ups and downs owning a home health business...thanks!!!

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    Check out the entrepeneur forum. I think a HHA for vets is an awesome idea.
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    You'll need a CON (certificate of need) which costs LOTS of money.

    They do not give out new CON's, you have to purchase one.

    You need a fortune in start up money to start a HH business.
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    I'm not sure of the regulations in Virginia, but you will need a valid license, and that is really about it, you do not need to be medicare certified to accept VA patients. Some states require accreditation by JAHCO, or CHAPS prior to being licensed which will cost you quite a bit (6-12 months of accepting medicare patients with no reimbursement), and VA pension benifits such as aid and attendance are complex and can take 6-12 months (with no reimbursement) before a person even receives benifits.
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    Have you checked yet with your state healthcare licensing agency to see what requirements you would have to meet, and what paperwork you would have to submit to apply for a license? That agency is usually a division of your state Department of Health and Human Services (or whatever it's called in your state). You can usually access the rules and regs you would have to follow on their website.
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    Once you work out the nuts and bolts of what you have to do to be legal, make sure you network. Home health care is a referral business (need a doc's order), so you need contacts with the case managers and physicians that can send you business. When i did home health we had a marketer who's primary job was to rub elbows with the right people and she was also quite useful as a liason when things weren't running smoothly (docs not signing orders in the specified amount of time, not returning calls, etc)
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    I can definitely help you start a Home Health Agency

    I currently have 2 home health businesses in Illinois and I am expanding to florida and in arizona. My next step is to start a consulting business to help other people start their own health care businesses. Currently Im also starting a Lab company as well.

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    myk4408, what is ur contact? i need help starting up a HHA. Please send me a private message

    RN Tee
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    I have not figured out how to do private message.. You can email me at
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    Quote from myk4408
    i have not figurd hoe to send a message. please private message me if you want and ill respond
    You can't send private messages until you have 15 posts.

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