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Need a name for my aesthetics business.

  1. 0 I plan on opening a small medical aesthetics business in Febuary. I plan to perform Botox, Restylane, chemical peels, sclerotherapy and microderm.
    I am trying to think of a name. So far I have "Premier Aethetics", "Turn Back Time Aesthetics" and "Skin Esteem". What do you think of these or can you think of better?
    Would love everyone's input.
    Kind Regards,
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    Hi Tanya. I personally like the name Premier Aesthetics. Sounds trendy and classy.
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    The Other Cheek
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    Smooth Dimensions
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    "You and Improved"
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    Quote from Reddy
    "You and Improved"

    I like that one.
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    All of them sound good to me!!!
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    You guys are great! Keep comng up with the ideas, then we can vote on the three best ones!!
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    youthful you aestetics
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    Just last night while trying to stay awake at work I was reading about choosing names. Here are some of the tips they gave; start by listing all the advantages your biz will offer then zero in on the one that will give you a unique identity. Use a thesaurus for a list of adjectives that describe the benefits of your biz. Try different words in different combinations. Remember your are creating a brand. The name should stress your biz, create brand awareness and be memorable. Unless you have megabucks and then the name can be quirky like "starbucks or xerox". Good luck. P.S. I personally like skin esteem.
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    Exceasthethics 4u
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    "Looking Good"
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    I personally like "Skin Esteem". It is the one that caught my attention right away while reading your options.