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  1. Reddy,RN

    Nurse's Wages Good News & The Bad

    Perhaps males get paid more because of tradition? It's not confined to nursing. The surprise was that everywhere, including nursing, tradition holds. Still.
  2. Reddy,RN

    Aim for your sleeve

    how cute is this?
  3. Reddy,RN

    Dear preceptor

    This story is the original poster's and it is extremely well done for someone who is mad and tired. I think this is a terrific point of view. I'd be curious to know how things are going all this time later. I'm not sure what "true feel" means. Th...
  4. Reddy,RN

    What to say to the parents of special needs children

    I've read through these pages and the question in the title only seems to have a couple of answers. One is to offer verbal support to the parent; the other is to offer to spell the parent with the contribution of time. Unsolicited verbal support mak...
  5. Reddy,RN

    Please Someone Help!!!!

    A&P is short for Anatomy and Physiology.
  6. Reddy,RN

    Am I going to regret being a nurse?

    You will love being a nursing student because at first your clinicals will give you time to listen to stories. As a nurse, listening for the patient's cues that could show physical or mental issues are the skills needed. Not small talk.
  7. Reddy,RN

    Why is nursing such a horrible job?

    The rewarding moments are tantalizingly few and far between. Also, the interruptions are themselves interrupted, sometimes to a laughable degree, but laughing is not encouraged.
  8. Nurses are number one again/still in in Gallup's annual Honesty and Ethics of Professions poll.
  9. Reddy,RN

    Advice Please

    My advice is enjoy your day job with weekends off and your 65K. Neither is realistically possible for a new RN. Start taking the prereqs in the evenings to see how it goes. Nursing is not a stepping stone to Physician Assistant AFAIK. It can ...
  10. Reddy,RN

    MRSA and patients who smoke

    It might be morally outrageous but a negative pressure room would work.
  11. Reddy,RN

    Working on a mica unit

    Mental Illness Chemical Abuse (MICA)
  12. Reddy,RN

    Silly reason for ER visit?

    True. I even remember a House episode where a perfectly healthy woman in Antarctica had an undiagnosed broken toe. It created fat emboli which traveled through her system and caused all sorts of symptoms. Not a likely scenario but a possibility. Lett...
  13. Reddy,RN

    Pass/fail % of Ma nursing schools

    Massachusetts Board of Registration http://
  14. Reddy,RN

    Umass Amherst or Dartmouth

    The video of the UMass Amherst Nursing Clinical Sim Lab makes it look like a really great place to get to practice what you need to know before meeting real patients. Thanks.
  15. Reddy,RN

    Learn To Say It Correctly!!

    Whew! What a thread. These may be in pages 25 to 89 but they're my pet peeves so, in no particular order: 1.) jewelry is not joo-ler-ee. It's jew-el-ry. 2.) unique doesn't get qualified: nothing can be most unique. 3.) Why not use "use?" ...