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I almost died today. A man comes into my busy level 1 trauma center with ALOC and no known cause. The sister says he has had a fever for the last couple of days and developed hives yesterday. The... Read More

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    Been there done that.....that feeling when your knees go weak and you think.....oh....crap

    Glad you are OK.
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    Only time I came close was when I didnt hear clear being yelled. That medic saved my life that day.
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    Very entertaining, and some ppl reading this need to take a chill pill! Lol
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    You could have a career in writing! Great job, and I am glad you are OK. Many years ago we found out a co-worker of ours had bacterial meningitis. I didn't know how serious it was that we had all been exposed to her day in and out. Cipro was my friend.

    It was super clear to me that OP was joking about blaming the medic. Really people, lighten up!!
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    This is the stuff of those TV medical shows where everything is jumpy camera angles, shocked facial expressions and drama.

    Do you know how the patient is doing?
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    It was definitely clear that she was joking about the blame. Loved it!
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    Fantastic case to demonstrate a whole bunch of stuff:
    LOC - even for alcoholics - can NOT be taken for granted. Assumptions were made that delayed Rx.
    Rash and CNS change is meningococcal meningitis until proven otherwise. Check for stiff neck ASAP.
    Great service recovery: This guy is NOT on the curve for the presumptive diagnosis -> Lets W/U NOW. Probably saved his life, as hours count with this diagnosis and severity.
    Inadvertent exposures to meningococcus and other agents: Get expert prevention advice and check CDC. Get prophylaxis. If as an employee, be sure to immediately notify supervisor and follow occupational exposure institutional guidelines...

    Finally - coping with your own psychic trauma. Sharing this is helpful for recovery. If problems with sleep, relationships, work then you may need more help, so get it.
    This could be a case in nursing textbook! Way to go for sharing.
    James Smeltzer, MD
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    Quote from MunkiRN
    As the adrenaline starts to dissipate and my mind clears, it hits me, I ALMOST DIED TODAY! I almost died, and a little pill saved my life.
    Or you were never truly infected. The hyperbole here is almost intolerable.

    Quote from MunkiRN
    Now, we all agree this is really the medic students fault, because obviously they distracted me.
    As part of a risk management team, this attitude is what drives me up the wall. YOU allowed yourself to be distracted. YOU got in a hurry and didn't take the extra couple of seconds to protect yourself. Making excuses like this will lead you down the road to another incident. Take responsibility for your own safety. It's no one else's fault and your responsibility to use the tools provided.
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    Some people need to chill out and learn how to read sarcasm and jokes.

    OP, love your writing style, hyperbole and jokes included!
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    Clearly some people don't have much of a sense of humor :P

    Here, let me help you guys:

    Hugs to you OP, glad you are ok!
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