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  1. Work is Hazardous to My Health

    Or you were never truly infected. The hyperbole here is almost intolerable. As part of a risk management team, this attitude is what drives me up the wall. YOU allowed yourself to be distracted. YOU got in a hurry and didn't take the extra couple ...
  2. What do you see in a Level 4 ER?

    Level IV essentially says "We recognize that on occasion people suffer serious traumatic injuries. We also recognize they don't need to be here"
  3. Why is it okay for Doctors to yell at Nurses?

    Granted I'm not a nurse, but I've never been yelled at by a physician, only nurses (yes, actually yelled at). I've also been accused of "yelling" at people,what I've found is usually any type of disagreement leads to a "yelling" accusation by these f...
  4. Intraosseous Access - Have You Used It?

    I've done a fair number of IOs, to the point I can probably perform an IO faster than a peripheral line. Agree completely with Akulahawk's order of access preference. There's not a good reason to do a "crash" femoral when one of the adult IO devices ...
  5. Dopamine in cardiogenic shock

    See above for a very good explanation. The issue with dopamine in MI is the increase in SVR that comes along with inotropic effect. Dobutamine would have been a better choice as it has vasodilatory effects. That said, you've got to use what you have.
  6. Etomidate medication

    Realistically? Turf....
  7. Manual Defribrillation in the OR

    A 16 hour class does not a code manager make.... It's a skill. I could teach my four year old to do it in about 5 minutes. Not a big deal. The knowledge of WHEN to defib is the real worry.
  8. Want to hit me with the literature I've missed? Cause I'm pretty sure the CAM folks would be crowing about something showing even minimal benefit.
  9. Rude and insensitive, but there is absoloutely ZERO good evidence that naturopathy works. If we were talking about someone peddling an allopathic treatment regimen with zero evidence as a "cure" we'd call them a quack. Yet for some reason when we tal...
  10. If you wish to participate in quackery than why not?
  11. Why RNs cannot say 'That's not my job'

    Right, because you've got 20-30 patients of varrying acuity at any one time.For a profession that complains about getting disrespected by physicians, I sure see a lot of people willing to look down on other allied health providers.
  12. Why RNs cannot say 'That's not my job'

    Right, because you've got 30-40 patients of varrying
  13. Why RNs cannot say 'That's not my job'

    Bull puckey. Horse manure. Rabbit scat. I run into RNs on a regular basis who throw out the "not my job" excuse. Two days ago I had to wait 20 minutes for an aide because per the LVN it was "not her job" to change the patient. If I'd had the stuff I ...
  14. The best hairstyle for female student

    Think of how much extra time you'll have to study if you go with the Sinead O'Connor look...
  15. metabolic acidosis and tachypnea

    The patient had a definite respiratory acidosis, but without more information it's difficult to say if a given strategy makes sense or not.