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Do any other fellow ER RNs butt heads with other departments when transferring a patient up from the ER? I think sometimes other departments forget I only had this patient for 30 mins and for 27 of... Read More

  1. by   ErickaQ
    I too tell them I don't have that information or to "check in their chart". It is very frustrating when they keep you holding or trying to stall to receive report from you while you have EMS dropping a cardiac alert patient off to you, etc... The other ER I worked at would just fax a SBAR to the floor and verify if it was received and that they were heading up. Obviously, if there was something the nurse should know we would call up. But this seemed to deter from the stalling and extra BS I get now at my new ER. I understand the floor isn't easy work either but we all need to stop pointing fingers and work together.