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What's your patient load? - page 3

I'm still orienting but I take on about 5-6 patients. Normally we will have 6-7 sometimes 8. I work in NYC. What are the ratios in other states or hospitals? 7 patients is crazy! Granted, not all... Read More

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    Each nurse has 4 rooms with the potential for 1 hallway pt, which we frequently have.
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    Within 2 hours?! Any chest pain who comes in typically has 90 min enzymes (or I think should). That seems crazy. I don't think many of our patients get out in under 2 hours.
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    Level 1 Trauma Unit 3:1 in all areas except hold area which is 4:1 and Resus Bays which are 3:2.
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    I work at a very busy Level 1 Trauma in NYC and also have a union but that doesn't stop me from having 4 super critical patients (resus pts), 10-16pts to 1 nurse in a urgent area (includes chest pain, seizures, etc.). I am praying for the day I have 6-7 pts. When are we going to get that safe staffing legislation approved here?! I am waiting! This is not safe.