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    sserrn - how do you like the batclip?

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    Quote from sserrn
    Stethoscope in batclip on waist, 2 pens, 2 betadine swabs (random but useful), penlight (probably unnecessary), hemostats/tape/shears, digital watch set on military time, SL NTG in left pants pocket.
    How do you like the batclip???
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    Much better than around my neck! It's a worthwhile investment. My former preceptor had a cheaper plastic one from adc but I don't think it would work for every scope.
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    I've paired down quite a bit. Used to carry full sets of IV start kits, but our nurse-servers in each ED room carry a good many things.

    - stethoscope
    - hemostats with a tape roll on them clipped to my scrub top with my shears down through the tape.
    - small memo book notepad in breast pocket.
    - 4 color click pen.
    - iphone with related apps
    - flushes and alcohol wipes
    - chloraprep
    - ammonia capsule taped to back of my badge
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    Night duty as acute team leader last night- two dect phones, arrest pager, 1 sleeve valium, 1 sleeve panadeine forte, zyprexa wafers, 1 sleeve ibuprofen, lockup drug keys, micropore and about 20 alcohol swabs. Various patient labels stuck to scrubs, shoulder / knee / forearm. Ready for anything!
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    Badge, s scope, small note pad, 3 pens, tape paper and regular strung onto kelly forceps and pinched onto side of my scrubs like a holster for my shears. And my iPhone for quick med reference and calculations. Of course alcohol wipes, 2 sets of IV start kits 18g, 20g.
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    Some of you carry a lot ...

    For me it's stethoscope, pens, trauma shears, lipstick, lip balm, and a little cash. And that's all. Everything else is stocked where I would need it.
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    Sounds like you wear EMT pants/Polo or a flight suit. I am going with the flight suit.

    Quote from murphyle
    For me, this question should read "What's in your pockets", plural, as I'm quite well known for the plethora of them on my scrubs. That said, on to the tally...

    Left sleeve #1 and 2: Pen and penlight.
    Left chest: Surgical site marker, misc personals (chap stick, artificial tears, etc).
    Belt clip: Stethoscope, mobile phone w/ apps.
    Left hip: Leatherman multi-tool. (Amazingly handy for fixing gronked-on clamps, busted electronic gear, etc...)
    Right hip: Wallet, loose change.
    Left thigh #1: Carpuject adaptor.
    Left thigh #2: Department SpectraLink.
    Left thigh #3: Rolls of tape (1 silk, 1 paper - nothing quite so annoying as "I'm allergic to tape!!" just as you're securing that impossible-to-obtain IV...)
    Right thigh #1: Pocket vision card and tape measure.
    Right thigh #2: Trauma shears.
    Right thigh #3: Alcohol and Betadine swabs.
    Left lower leg: Misc papers.
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    I carry the following with me all the time on me when I am working the clinic.

    I wear khacki BDU pants and a polo shirt. In my pockets I have spare exam gloves, notebook, IV start kits, 3" Tape, barf bag, and hand sanitizer. On my belt I have my flashlight, multi tool, CPR mask, radio.

    Polo shirt I keep my marker and pen. My creditals are on my laynard with some quick notes and 1" Transpore Tape. Stethoscope around the neck.
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    I wear aviator scrubs so there are a lot of cargo pockets in addition to a back pocket and side pockets like regular pants.

    Back pocket: Wallet

    Side pockets: Keys and phone

    Left Cargo Pocket: Stethoscope with LED light that clips onto the bell.

    Right Cargo Pocket: pairs of gloves and flushes

    Left and Right pen holder pockets: pens haha

    Right velcro strap pocket: all black Prestige Medical Trauma Shears

    and lastly, my hemostats that are clamped to my scrub top that hold both paper tape and 3M micropore tape.
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