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Time for another vent thread. Today's topic is: "You're here for what? Seriously!?!?!" 32y/o m, hx htn, vs wnl, cc is "chest pain for about 1 second 4 hours ago", no current complaints. ... Read More

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    I don't get it. I'm a little slow... Sorry.
    Quote from monkeybug
    LMBO! We call it Walmart feet here!

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    LOL!...I cannot wait to get started in E.D. Full Time in 2 weeks! Getting out of Med-Surg and going to E.D. I am sure I will get a belly full at times (like I do now), but where else other than health care can you get such a flippin' accidental comedy show?!!
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    Quote from DebblesRN
    I think my favorite was the girl who came by ambulance (no lie) because she was 18 weeks pregnant and her breasts were leaking. The best part was that she had an entourage FOLLOW the ambulance to the hospital. You mean that one of them could not have brought her in since they obviously had a car?? EMS needs to be pulled from an EMERGENCY for colostrum leaking from your breasts??

    I also appreciate people who come to L&D and KNOW they are getting a vaginal exam but have not washed in at least a week. I will NEVER understand that.
    Of course the ones who are followed by their posse can never stay(the posse member with a car), and can never pick them up when it's time for discharge and everyone wants a free taxi or bus voucher
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    LOL Thanks for all the post I really needed a good laugh, had a hard day at work.
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    I know I have told this story before, but for the benefit of those who haven't heard it before:

    We had just given a drug seeker the boot when our EMS line rang. I took the call, and instead of getting the usual report, the dispatcher said, "We got a call from a patient who was just seen in your ED and claims you did nothing for him...and he's in your ED waiting room." I asked the dispatcher to hold for a minute and discretely walked over to the doors to the waiting room and looked out the window, and there he was. I thanked the dispatcher. We talked about it with the ED doc, and a few minutes later security came down and had a "Come to Jesus" meeting with him.
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    We admitted a woman with shortness of breath and "heart palpitations". When I asked what time her symptoms began, she said, " about an hour ago". I looked at her and asked her, "so you decided you wanted to come die with us?" She started laughing when I said to her, "It's amazing what a tornado WARNING will make us do". (According to the news, a tornado was spotted within 5 miles of the hospital). She said to me, "baby, I live alone and I would have had a heart attack as soon as one window blew out; I was scared to death." As expected, when the sun came up the next morning, she told the doctor she was ready to go home. Spent all of 7 hours in the hospital....and that included the ER work-up prior to being admitted to med-surg.
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    Quote from monkeybug

    Regarding not washing, I'm with you, sister. I worked in L&D for years. I know that it's hard to be fresh as a daisy when you're pregnant. But for heaven's sake, if you know you're going to the doctor or the hospital (and it's not an emergent situation), then BATHE!!! I'll never forget the time I put a scheduled cesarean on the table and looked down only to see mud balls between her toes and, well, basically socks of red mud. I asked why her legs were so dirty. "I decided to go for a walk before I came in this morning." And you couldn't put on shoes? Or at least utilize a hose before getting in the car?? Who thinks bringing mud with you to the OR is a good idea? I've also encountered green slime when doing a preop abdominal clip on someone for a c-section. I expect some odor and discharge from pregnant va jay jays, but not from the lower abdomen.

    The dumbest complaint I ever heard (good lord, how does one choose that honor? there are so many!) is a patient who showed up in triage c/o "the baby is moving too much, it's annoying." And what, pray tell, would you like for ME to do about that?

    The worst one associated with an ambulance ride? 3 am triage arriving via ambulance from another county (of course, as to be expected, she was followed by at least 6 relatives who came by private car) with a c/o "yeast infection." I asked if she knew that she could buy monistat over the counter. "Yeah, but I'd have to pay for that." I woke the doctor with that nifty little report, and got an order: Discharge after 20 minutes of reassuring fetal monitor tracing, patient may buy monistat over the counter. He didn't even come out of the sleep room to see her, he said he was afraid he'd start yelling.
    And my pre-work meal is ruined! LMAO!!!!!! I hate the stinky feet in OB!!!!! I wanna barf!!!!!! Yuck!!!!

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    I thought it was funny my own personal issues with trimming ect but now since I've seen way more ho ha's then I'd like to admit, I realize my shortcomings... Bad toe nail polish, my creative trim or my leg stubbles probably went completely unnoticed. I feel so much better 🐮
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    My favorite was the mom who brought her 7 year old in the middle of the night for vomiting....once....36 hours ago!! Really??? Whatever happened to saltines, ginger ale and time? Works wonders. Then she freaked out when I had to start an IV and give fluids. She asked if he really needed the fluids, I said since he isn't holding anything down yes he did, then she said it was only once awhile ago...I nearly bit through my tongue on that one!
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    Quote from CodeteamB
    0445: I was out for a walk, saw the hospital and thought "it's been awhile since my last check-up." No Acute Complaints.
    By ambulance: sprained ankle yesterday, seen in urgent care and given splint and analgesia, did not take same or even OTC meds "it still hurts."
    God forgive me, but it's a shame you can't Gibb's slap a person for a complaint like this.

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