Nurses week gifts from employer

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    Hi. I was just wondering what your ER management did for you for nurses week? Gifts,money, lunches!? Well my ER gave us a big fat NOTHING!! Management said "there is ER nurses week so we r not celebrating nurses week". Oh and week got a crappy coffee mug last year for er nurses week!! Ughhhj!!!

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    Nothing! :-)
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    Nothing as per usual.. why break tradition?
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    A thank you email. But in October for ER nurses week, they do usually do nice things like lunch, cake and tshirts.
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    We got lab coats and food.
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    cheap pizza......
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    We got a candygram, lunch, free lunch boxes, and hot dogs lol
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    We got a water bottle and some chocolate. I'm fairly new but management seems to really come through in supporting the nursing staff on the floor.

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    We got a flashlight with the hospital logo on it lol
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    Nurses week? Our hospital did Hospital week. So yeah bet you can guess

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