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    I am a tech in the ED, I am graduating from nursing school in May and REALLY want to get hired on! Emergency care has been my dream since I was 3! Last semester we had 6 awesome techs apply for RN positions and only 1 got hired, the other 3 positions were filled by experienced nurses.

    I want to do something that makes me stands out from all the other techs! I know I already stand out somewhat because I am the hardest working and top tech on the unit (I have been told from nurses). However, I want to come up with an idea or some action I can perform for patients that would really benefit patients and help increase my chances of getting hired on. To almost make the supervisors feel like there is no way they could not hire me! I would appreciate ANY suggestions!!!! Thank you so much!

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    im thinking experience. are you not open to starting out elsewhere first to hone your assessment skills? believe me, nursing school does not prepare you entirely for nursing, most of it comes from experience. im sure your a great tech, however, the responsibilities differ as you know and its different when your on the other side completely responsible for a human beings well being and safety. Ive been a nurse for 2 years, and a few students i went to school with wanted to go into the er as that's were they used to work. one was hired the other was not and went into tele. guess who was the better nurse? even knowing what to report is crucial. not saying that it goes for everyone.
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    Well, confidence is not a problem for you....
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    Oh yes I am open to working on other units if I don't get the job, however it is so hard to find nursing jobs right now where I live. I have a friend that graduated nursing school more than a year ago. After applying everywhere since before she graduated she finally started her first job two weeks ago. It kind of scares me because I have a 2 year old to support and so I really want to make a good impression while I can and at least try as best possible to get on where I work.

    Your right, I am well aware that responsibilities differ from being a tech and RN. I really appreciate you helping me to see things in a different light
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    Ask your manager point blank the same question. Good luck.
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    Thank you nurse2033!
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    Is purple and gold for LSU? I have some friends in that area that might have some insight..
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    East Carolina?? GO PIRATES!
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    Have you talked to your manager? and asked what they are thinking?
    It might be out of their hands, my former hospital decided no new grads
    I had worked for 3 years in the ED as a tech, and did my senior practicum in my ED, so they bascially got 6 weeks of free training, and they knew I could do the job, I still needed more orientation because I was a new grad, but I thought I had a really good chance.
    Then the time came when there were openings and we had a managment change at the same time and it was decided that there would be no new grads in the ED
    It broke my heart as this is what I had wanted, I know one day I may make it back into the ED, it just may take a few years while I gain experience
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    Right now on your tech job, you should always do a good job, be a team player, jump in and anticipate things that need to be done before the nurse has to ask you. No sick days or tardies. Smile and have a good attitude. Be kind to the patients. Act interested in things and ask lots of questions that makes it look like you want to learn. Anyway that's what I would look for being the manager. Good luck!!
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