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Our facility has decided to create a critical care float pool taking nurses from progressive care/stepdown and sending them to the er. The way our er works is team nursing where 2 nurses are responsible for 12-14 pts at most.... Read More

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    Quote from kaylasmommy
    It's not that I don't want to float to the ER, I had actually applied for a position there but then they implemented a hiring freeze.
    I stand corrected. However, what I'm telling you is that the ER staff isn't going to use you for critical patients whether you are trained or not so it doesn't matter. They will rearrange assignments so that the ER staff will take care of the critical/sick peds/trauma patients and you will have the regular patients. If that means an ER staff nurse is taking care of two criticals at one time then that is what they will do, guaranteed. And again, the vast majority of patients in the ER are not critical, sick peds or traumas. They are belly pains, boo-boos, headaches and LOL who"just don't look right" to their family memebers who haven't visited them at the home for a year. I think you are stressing yourself out about a situation that isn't likely to happen. Think about what happens on your floor. Do you give the sickest patient on your floor to a float? Doubtful.

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    My thoughts are that I just left an er with 12-14 patient teams for two nurses. NEVER AGAIN will I work like that. I wouldn't worry about the specifics of training in the er. You don't need to understand triage or urgent care and the purpose of a float is to decompress. Training you takes up valuable education money from the unit.

    If you feel uncomfortable, just refuse a particular assignment. In team nursing, the beauty is you have some flexibility as the nurses to make the assignment work. Focus on the admits, the med/surgy types and the stable stuff you feel like you grasp. Don't do the other stuff.

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