Clinical Decision Units

  1. Our ED has recently opened a CDU staffed with a tech and an ER RN. The ratio is 1:6 and located far away from the ER. All nurses will be trained in the CDU and all will have to do their turn rotating through. Many, if not all, are unhappy about this.

    Do any of you have a CDU? How do you guys staff yours? How do you like it?
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  3. by   Penguin67
    Can you describe the function of a CDU? This concept is not familiar to me? Thanks
  4. by   ayla2004
    don't work in one but we have one attaqched to are ed. not staffed by ed rn though
    Can hold patient for 23 hours before but dischage/transfer to appriaote ward.
    patient have more normal ward care.
    We have them as we have a 4 hour requirement to treat/street anyone check into the ed and this is not feasible.
  5. by   cookienay
    Our facility has a CDU. It is not considered part of the ED. They have their own staff (who also work other areas, I believe). don't know for certain how things run up there, but we have nothing to do with it. They are closed on weekends (unless needed) and low census. Works really well. The concept is someplace for admits to go so they don't linger in ER too long. Most stays in CDU are about 12 hours maybe??? hope this helps.
  6. by   MikeyBSN
    Never heard of it. Is that like an ED holding area? If my hospital created an ED holding area and told us we had to rotate through it then I would pick up the classified section on my way home from work.
  7. by   Larry77
    Like an observation ward...If hit 24 hrs they need to go to a regular floor. We would send stable CP R/O MI's there who are just waiting to have their stress test or echo, or just more neg troponins. Also abd px with dehydration is a common one. Ours will be (hasn't opened yet) ran by the float nurses but the docs will be from the ED--mostly ARNP's with a few MD's thrown in.
  8. by   PostOpPrincess
    We call them Transitional/Observation Units. The unit is staffed separately from ED RNs. I've done ED before, and I only like the fast pace.

    I couldn't stand it if I were forced to go to an area where they are holding a bunch of complaining-where-is-my-food-and-I-need-more-blankets-type of patients.
  9. by   kadell
    we have a 4:1 ratio, and the stays are limited to 23 hrs.

    Our CDU RNs float to the ER but rarely do the ER RNS float to the CDU
  10. by   loricatus
    Fot two places I worked that had them, they were a glorified holding unit where admitted patients could be discharged from. The ER nurses that that floated through there had to learn floor nursing to function there. Orders will be received from the floor docs, since the patient is no longer considered an ER patient. Ratios were a bit higher than in the ED. I hated having to work at them since it was all 'holding-type' of tele patients.