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    Thinking about everybody in Boston, victims, first responders, nurses & docs. Hope everybodys doing ok.

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    It's a ghost town today. Very somber around here.
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    Quote from NeoPediRN
    It's a ghost town today. Very somber around here.
    My heart goes out to everyone. Keeping y'all in my thoughts and prayers today. :hugs:
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    ((HUGS)) to all the staff who had their lives changed yesterday .........
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    Hugs to all victims, families, people in Boston and much love to the healthcare workers and heroes who helped out. I am a level 1 trauma ER RN and I can imagine what you guys are going through.
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    Quote from NeoPediRN
    It's a ghost town today. Very somber around here.
    I agree... it's eerie and feels very surreal. I was with my friend earlier who I was with yesterday (we left the exact intersection of the 2nd explosion 20 minutes earlier) and she brought something up that we had discussed yesterday. We both realized that we had had this same conversation not even 30 hours ago and both said "it doesn't feel like that was yesterday." It was a conversation we were having as we were walking from the marathon to get lunch. 15 minutes or so later, everything happened. Feels like a lot of times has passed since yesterday.
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    I am still so shaken. Like many, I have ties to Boston and friends who were there. Blessed they were nto injured but devasted tor those who were. Pleased to see the support from all over.

    Still so very sad....
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    hope you all are hanging in there.
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    This is the time when nurses should show more compassion more than any other days. We need to heal the physical wounds as well as the emotional wounds of our fellowman
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    I recently visited Boston for the first time, and was truly amazed at how hospitable and intelligent its people are. From the scholar/tour bus driver to the train commuters who put their newspaper down to engage with clueless tourists from Florida. I cannot imagine a nicest group of people to do something like this to. My heart is shuttered, and I only wish I had been there to help.
    Praying for you, dear Boston.
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