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Hi all - I'm about ready to graduate from an ADN program (june!) and I work in the ER as a tech. Last time I worked I noticed a pt.'s iv had backed up all the way up the IV tubing, FILLED the pump cassette, and was... Read More

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    Quote from teeituptom
    the line may not have had a directional flow valve in line. Some brands still dont. most do some dont
    This is true. But if the line has a piggyback, the piggyback is beyond the directional flow valve, and the problem can occur then. The flowvalve will only work if its a single line. (ok, more accurately, it will still work as nothing will back up into the main bag, but it can back up into the piggyback)
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    Also seen this w/ patients with B/P monitor programed to cycle every 5-10minutes provided the cuff is on the same arm as the IV.
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    If I was the nurse and you pointed this out to me, I would be happy to fix it and give you a brief explanation on why this may have happened as we did here but a little advice...

    I had a nursing student/tech tell a patient that because I did not put positive pressure into the saline-lock that the nurses up on the floor would have to start a new one because if they flushed the line with some blood in it that they could have a lethal stroke. This tech was cross-training in our dept and the staff tech came back from the pt transfer and took me in a room and told me a story about what happened. Needless to say I had a stern talking to this "person" then sent a email to my boss and this "person" is never to step foot in our dept as a result.

    So please go to the nurse and do not say anything to, or in front of, the patient (as it sounds like you did).
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    the parents had asked me about the line, and i said that i often see blood in the line (true). i also added that as a tech, i don't do anything with ivs except take them out. they were satisfied (or at least didn't ask more questions) and i left the room. i just called the pt's nurse right away to let him know. it really sucks to have your scope of practice, whatever it is, undermined in front of your patients, so i try to never do that to anyone. if i have questions, i ask out of the pts earshot.